Wednesday, 6 January 2016

2016 Reading Challenge

After the disastrous attempt at the 2015 Reading Challenge, I am trying again this year because I am brave.

I also have an evolving Reading List of books everyone must read, do have a look. If you are joining this challenge with me, do leave a comment so that I can keep up and feel motivated along the way and also get a few recommendations!

PS: List will be updated with the name of the book, stay tuned!
  1. A book based on a fairytale
  2. A National Book award winner
  3. A YA bestseller
  4. A book you haven't read since high school
  5. A Book set in your home state
  6. A book translated to English
  7. A romance set in the future
  8. A book set in Europe
  9. A Book that's under 150 pages
  10. A New York Times bestseller
  11. A book that's becoming a movie this year
  12. A book recommended by someone you just met - Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami
  13. A self improvement book - Happiness Project by Grechen Rubin
  14. A book you can finish in a day
  15. A book written by a celebrity - Mrs Funny Bones by Twinkle Khanna
  16. A political memoir - Train to Pakistan by Khushwant Singh
  17. A book atleast 100 years older than you
  18. A book that is more than 600 pages
  19. A book from Oprah's book club
  20. A science fiction novel
  21. A book recommended by a friend - Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari
  22. A graphic novel
  23. A book that is published in 2016
  24. A book with a protagonist who has your occupation
  25. A book that takes place during Summer
  26. A book and it's prequel
  27. A murder mystery
  28. A book written by a comedian
  29. A dystopian novel
  30. A book with a blue cover
  31. A book of poetry - Space Gulliver by Sampurna Chattarji
  32. The first book you see in a bookstore
  33. A classic from the 20th century
  34. A book from the library
  35. An autobiography - Pandeymonium by Piyush Pandey
  36. A book about a road trip
  37. A book about a culture you're unfamiliar with - And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini
  38. A satirical book
  39. A book that takes place on an island
  40. A book that's guaranteed to bring you joy

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Date a poet.

Date a poet.

Date a man who spends more time admiring the nook of your neck looking for inspiration than spending hours in front of his television set. Date him for his ruffled pages and crumpled clothes because even when you are tired and a complete mess, his words will find your beauty in spaces where you thought there was none.

Date a poet because he will quote to you the likes of Tennyson and Cummings with the poise of a golden deer. And when Keats won’t be enough he’ll write you his own love poems. For you to hold on to long after his remnants are gone.

Date a poet because he knows what vulnerable is, and will turn every moment worth remembering into couplets of memory. That you can relive when you miss him. Date him for his strong hands that have bled to bring to life, poems that he will never truly love. Date a poet because he will never let you sleep over a fight; instead he will write you a haiku and you will smile. Even when you are clenching your teeth with anger, and even in moments you despise him. You will blush like a girl kissed in the rain, by the boy her mother warned her about.

Date a poet because in coffee shops he will pass you love notes scribbled on tissue paper. And you will have to order one cup after another because he wouldn’t stop talking about his day, and you will smile because you are in deep trouble. In stupid love, with a poet. Date a poet because no one else can put in words the answer to the question, ‘Why do you love me?’ like he does.

Date a poet because he will read to you the genius of Frost. And in time you’ll know that if you had to perish twice, his words are enough and will suffice. Date a poet because his heart will flutter not when he sees a beautiful girl, but when he catches a glimpse of his favourite author in a bookstore. Date a poet because it is easy to buy him gifts, for his birthday get him a Neruda and a Virginia Woolf for the anniversary. And just as a surprise throw in a Manto for he loves a short story.

Show him your flaws and broken pieces because he understands that sometimes poems don’t rhyme but that they are no less melodious or beautiful. Tell him no lies because he doesn’t believe in black and white. That ‘b’ doesn’t always follow ‘a’ because rhyme schemes like people are imperfect. Date a poet because when you hurt and fail him, he will know better than to hurt you back. Instead he will soothe you with metaphors and in alliterations he will, profess how much he loves you. Date a poet because the year when you can’t take a holiday he will drown you in imagery, the kind that you won’t need eyes to see. Date a poet because he will make you his poetry and you will hate when he writes about you and you will hate when he stops.

He won’t propose at a candlelight dinner. You will not find a ring in the cake. He will ask you to marry him in bed, after you’ve cuddled with him all night. He will ask you to do it for the rest of your life. And you will smile. Because you are in stupid love, with a poet.

Poets may or may not always look like this. It is only representative in nature and mostly wishful thinking.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

All for Good Karma

I've been counting the lines on the back of my hand 
Again and again and again. 
They say every seven years all the cells in our body are completely replaced 
It's my only solace 
To know that in seven years even my body will be a stranger to you.

I've been lighting candles 
That went out,  perhaps as a sign of prayers that won't be answered
and apprehensions that were yet to find peace
But I light them, hoping that someday there will be someone
Who'll see my flame go out
And rush to cup their hands around me
Patiently waiting for me to be bright again.

I've been buying books 
The kind you can touch and caress 
In bookstores around the cities that we met in 
Amidst the empty aisles I leave notes 
Of hope. 
Wishing, that you find them before it's shut down
Before it is completely replaced by 
a version of itself it doesn't fully recognize.

I've been giving in forms I only learnt now 
In between learning to breath fully
I try to find meaning 
In the stories of people I'll never truly know
And I'm dying to tell you that a girl went to school today 
Because I spent a night sending emails to friends and acquaintance alike
Asking for my trust in humanity to be restored 
But I'll tell you, I'm done with believing

I've been wishing on shooting stars
and waiting for the clock to strike 11.11
But I've been doing that for too long now
I don't think it works. 
I don't think I really know the difference 
Between what is real and superficial anymore
And superstition is better than faith.

I've been building paper birds 
Because a 1000 of them,  are more than 2 and with each I tie a wish for you 
And from afar you can't really tell if they are paper or flesh. 
If they are happy or sad. 
From this far you can't tell anything
And I'm letting them go for good karma
But this time I won't wait by the window. 
They'll just fly in whenever they please 
This time more real than before.