Monday, 28 May 2012

Its Your Move , Wordfreak - Book Review

Genre : Fiction 
Published by : Rupa : 
Author : Falguni Kothari
Price : ₹ 250/-

     Twenty five year old Aryan Rajaram Chawla (Wordfreak) is an eco architect from Mumbai. Young , rich and sexy. Alisha Menon (Worddiva) is a headstrong twenty eight year old divorce lawyer. Aryan is a page 3 celeb and Alisha is a homely and ambitious girl. Then how did these two meet? Well over a game of scrabble. Yes an online scrabble game on one boredom filled night is what brought these two together. Several flirtatious chats and months of scrabble games later , Aryan and Alisha finally decide to meet. Alisha has reservations about their age difference , his over the top persona and his cockiness. But obviously fireworks fly , everything is lovey dovey and lot of romance happens . Just when you thought you were reading Mills and Boons there comes a bollywood like twist. Trouble brews in their world and the past comes to bite their dreams. 
     Even the most successful and handsome people have secrets , insecurities and bouts of unhappiness. Aryan had hidden things from Alisha , the Sunshine of his life. He had always been a closed person . Closed about his feelings and past. He had kept her from the deepest secret of his past and hadn't trusted her enough with his story. Alisha has reservations and insecurities of her own. She doesn't believe in love or marriage.Together they act as catalysts for each other to resolve their issues and leave their past behind.        
    Now enough with the story . Personally I think its pretty good , from a chick lit point of you. The grammar nazi in me experienced mini - orgasms because the English is that flawless. Also the charectars and the picture they paint for you is the high of the book. Alisha's bestfriend Diya could easily be your motor mouth soul sister. Uncle Sam would remind you of your own uncle cum friend and Aryan's grandmother is just how your grandmother could be and the protagonist is well you , and me and every other girl. Alisha is the perfect girl next door with the awesome ambitious streak.       
    As a love story and the story in general is pretty good , though it drags a bit in the middle but then catches up pretty soon. The whole meeting over a game of Scrabble was completely pointless according to me except a few references of the same throughout the book. It would have worked even if boy had met girl on a street but I guess the author was trying to do something "different". Girls are going to love this book and fall for Aryan too soon into the story. Its the author's first novel and its pretty commendable to say the least. 

Overall Rating - 3.75 / 5 ( And that is pretty good )

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