Saturday, 25 June 2011

Books you just HAVE to read :D

Okay so this is a random post about a few books i think everyone should read...i used to be a unstoppable bookoholic reader at one time..but somewhat i've lost touch now ..maybe its because of the excessive academic books i read recently or just having no time ( i know its not an excuse ) ..well here are some of my most favourite books you don't want to miss :D

Where Rainbows End !

Just awesome :D This book is my most favorite ever :D Written by cecelia ahern of ps : i love you fame ..its a book that leaves you with an afterglow and a big smile on your face ...its about love and friendship and how life is never too short for people who need to find a way to each other :D its not a normal book, its in the form of letters and emails that the protagonists send to each other but still not once do you feel like there is something missing ...this is a book i've read 3 times :

The Alchemist 

I'm not very fond of Paulo Coelho's writing but this book is something you cannot miss..there is so much spoken about this book and so many copies sold obviously there is something about it ..its translated in 13 languages wow right?
  This book is deep in so many ways and there is just so much to learn from it feel for the Santiago ( the protagonist ) and you actually live the search for treasure with him. This book is about believing in your dreams and fighting and struggling for everything you want ...its about learning your lessons and rising high and yet not forgetting where you came from.
If you're really losing hope about anything in 
your life ever this is just the book you want to read ..its BEAUTIFUL

Tuesdays With Morrie

This book was a reading assignment i got in school.. the whole thing about reading assignment is that the book usually doesnt turn out to be that great but its for the marks that you read it anyway ..and since then i have read this book 5 imes :) enough said ?

 This book is a real story written by mitch albom about his proffessor morrie schwartz is a beautiful account of morrie's  last few days in the world ...he was a teacher till the end :) this book is not for someone whose looking for light reading ...its a very touching and sometimes truthfully sad  ...but everytime i read it i learn something new :)

Who will cry when you die ?

Ok i'm not such a big fan of self help books normally ...but this book is an exception..but before i say what the book is about i want to say something about the author ..robin sharma is not a good writer from his books what i've observed is that he's a good reader .yes ..he's a very good and observant reader and his books are only compilations of the various things he learns from the many books he reads and the people he meets ..well that takes talent too ofcourse :)

 This book is a quick read ..100 small things that will make your life worthwhile and actually enjoyable ...its about enjoying the simple pleasures and making your life count :D

The Namesake 

Ok..confession ! i saw the movie before i read the book ..and i loved the movie so much that i decided to read the book ...superb direction and awesome cinematography ..oh wait this is about the book :P yes the book lives up to the movie ( yes thats the first time you hear it ) ..the movie is awesome ...but the book is equally good ...its about the conflict between cultures and the choices we make to fit in ..very well written ( please watch the movie too :P ) hats off to jhumpa lahiri :D                                                                                                    

 The Time Traveler's Wife 

 Again the movie is awesome :D :P

The book is a perfect blend of romance , fiction and drama :D It's not a book you'll remember forever but its surely a book you can't put down ...i kinda missed the book when it was over .

 The basic story is about a man who can't control when and how he travels to different times in his life and how his wife deals with his absences and his strange "problem" ..a very well written book :)

There are so many more :O damn..but i know people don't want to read my super long posts so maybe i'll use a list :P

  • Trust me - Rajashree
  • Two states - Chetan Bhagat
  • Black friday - S.Hussain Zaidi
  • Pride and prejudice - Jane Austen
  • Blink - Malcolm Gladwell
  • Life of pi - Yann Martel
  • Julius Caesar - Shakespeare ( try to read the original ..i love it :D )
  • My experiments with truth - Mahatma Gandhi ( the autobiography ...everyone needs to know the father of the nation ..a man of few words :) )

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The best things in life are unexpected - because there were no expectations !

How much can you expect from someone much can you hope they'd be there and watch your back much can u expect them not to take advantage of you much is it okay to get involved just how much ? ( yeah this is going to be a whiny post with it *pouts* )
   Being 3 was so much easier right? No problems , no fights no issues , no expectations , no hurt ....fights lasted one night and next day it was like nothing ever happend ..the most hurtful thing you ever said to anyone would be "i hate you" without even meaning it ...the most u cried was over a hurting toe ..the most you missed someone was your mom when she went shopping .." love " was easily used and forgiveness easily granted why can't we be that anymore ! What exactly comes in the way? ego ? pride ? jealousy ? insecurity ? I dont know ..i'm still learning ..i find it hard to forget so i say it ..i hurt easy so i say it ..i expect so i say it ...and i don't want to apologize for who i am and how i feel one should expects only from those you love and thats not exactly a bad thing hurt only because someone has the power to hurt you and thats not a bad thing either ( no i'm not saying it should end your world it happens and its normal )
  So many questions in my head right now . When exactly should you give up on someone and just not try to mend what you'll have could be a broken friendship ...a bad relationship ..anything but how long do you wait hoping things will get better ! Someone was so special at one time so you just let them go by saying " maybe i dont deserve it " to yourself or you do everything you can till it works out ...but shouldn't it be both ways ..what if something was special only to you..does it count then ?
   It feels terrible and you feel too weak to make a call and besides i have never believed in the saying " If two people are meant to be they'll find a way" ..i always read it as " If two people want to be together they make a way to make it happen " :) yes i'm the pushy types and i don't give up .


blogging on blogging ;)

Okkkkkk ! i didn't know blogging could be so addictive ..i mean its actually a lot of fun and in the one day that i have a  blog ..i read so many people's blog and am following so many blogs its unbelievable ..there is so much talent and creativity in some of the writing its actually inspiring me to get better and post regularly.
  ok i have a confession ..i used to think that blogging is like putting your life on display but then now that i think about maybe its not that bad :) there is so much to write about , so many tangled thoughts and so many words that need expression ..this is going to be my object of fascination for a while now i think :)
  thankyou vishant for making me do this :D really ..some day when i get published or something you'll be the one i'll thank for reminding me everyday to make a blog and challenging me to do it by calling me a technologically challenged blonde ..hmmph :P


Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I love my city :)

After a lot of thought and hesitancy I decide to make my first post about Mumbai . My city is something I feel so passionate about its unbelievable. No city is like mumbai and anyone who has ever lived here knows that. People complain about the various things rains , traffic , pollution but I love it all . I could breathe the same polluted air forever and be happy about it. The small things about this city is what I love..experiencing the first rains here its like heaven , walking on the big streets in town , chaat , ganpati visarjan ..the spirit of the city , Mumbai is home . Period :D
    I prefer to still call it Bombay sometimes it has a homely sound ..Mumbai just sounds a little Shiv Senish ..besides how does it even matter right what a city is named as long as u feel at home here. My ever changing breathtaking city has taught me everything I need to learn ..its been there during the good times and bad ..when I go to marine drive I know those rocks , the water  they'll be here for me always just so that I can look at them and feel their arms around me ...sometimes I feel so lucky to be born here it almost overwhelms me ...I have lived my life here and wouldn't have it any other way ..the laughter the tears the friendships the places the parties everything :D
  Someday i also hope to leave the place i'll ever call home to learn new things but it won't be long before i'll come back for good. The city has taught me well and i'll do it proud..after living here for so many years ..silence scares me has made me so restless that i don't like not having a crowd around me and when i'm alone i want to be with the sea .. no one is ever alone in this city always keeps u company ..maybe sometime i'll blog about my favorite secret places of the city...
 This may not be my best post and i'm not a writer but i know i'll get better :)

One of the best things about this city.. is the smell of the different air. You can smell it before you see or hear anything of the place. It's the blue skin-smell of the sea, no matter where you are in the Island City. That smell: the worst good smell in the world, above all things- that welcomes me and tells me I've come home :D   
- Shantaram