Wednesday, 29 January 2014


A recent forward I received about Mumbai, got me thinking how much I really love this city.

Being a Mumbaikar is way beyond all the cliques listed in the message and the city is much more than meets the eye. Someone who hasn't lived here would never understand .  

Mumbai. Only the sound of it sends tingles down my spine, like the name of an ex-lover. The summer romance you will never forget. People complain here all the time, about the traffic, the pot-holes, the rains, the pollution and the fast life. And these are the things I love most, these are the things that make this magical city a little imperfect and so absolutely perfect. 
My ever changing breathtaking city. It teaches you a lot, like a strict parent. It teaches you that dreams don't always come true, it teaches you that hearts break, it teaches you that stardom is only but an illusion and it teaches you that the waves will break your sandcastle once in a while but you need to keep trying and protect it. Keep trying one more time, differently. 

Mumbai is not a place its a spirit.

The city that never sleeps, she is not entirely flawless. Yes I said "She" only a woman can woo like this city does.  I go to marine drive I know those rocks , the water  they'll be here for me always just so that I can look at them and feel their arms around me. People strive all their lives to make a mark be able to afford a life here. They make ends meet, live in rented apartments with ten other people. Struggle. I didn't have to. I was born here, lucky? But lovers don't just meet somewhere they are in each other all along. I was meant to be here. This city keeps you connected, in the middle of all the buzz, you can be the life of anything here. And being a Mumbaikar is special. 

Mumbai is the little things. Mumbai is the unexpected kindness from a stranger. Mumbai is the loving ear from your train friends. Mumbai is the random drive on the Sea Link. Mumbai is feeding the pigeons at Gateway of India. Mumbai is never running out of coffee shops. Mumbai is the man who selflessly stands at Juhu circle everyday with a sign that says "Apne Dharm par Chalo, Sabse Pyaar Karo". Mumbai is the quaint bookshops in the beautiful heritage buildings of town. Mumbai is the drunk nights that you will never regret. Mumbai is the stories you heard from the rickshaw driver. Mumbai is the helping hand after every setback. Mumbai is the resilience, not because we are strong but we have no choice. 

Mumbai is the safety you feel even at the latest hour on the streets. Mumbai is the cricket you play in the gullies. Mumbai is the smile that the first rains bring. Its the people that still so rebelliously but with much affection still call it Bombay. Its the same old sites which people visit with renewed enthusiasm each time. To be a part of this ethos of life you won't have to try, it will engulf you and you won't want to come out. Mumbai accepts everyone, with non-judgmental eyes and an open mind. Its the art that resides in each part of the city, the creativity that brims the already full cup and the zeal to excel that lives in every child's heart. 

Mumbai is the friendships, the romance, the laughter. The life. 

Mumbai is home and will always be. Wander I must but home is where I'll always come back. 

One of the best things about this city.. is the smell of the different air. You can smell it before you see or hear anything of the place. It's the blue skin-smell of the sea, no matter where you are in the Island City. That smell: the worst good smell in the world, above all things- that welcomes me and tells me I've come home
- Shantaram, Gregory Roberts

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Believe you.

You say you love me, but wait
I'm quite the pessimist at times
Jumping to the worst possible conclusions with assumptions on my mind
You say you love me but wait
Till you see that I don't always wear makeup and my eyes don't always shine
That I'm clumsy and messy,
I drop things a lot 
You say you love me but wait 
I'm too much of a drama queen, and that arguments will usually lead to tears 
That I get hurt too soon and frown
And I always don an invisible crown
You say you love me but wait 
Till you know that lizards creep me out
And I expect you save me from them like your life depends on it
Because in that moment I almost think mine does.
You say you love me but wait 
I don't share my food 
But I'm going to reach out for yours
You say you love me but wait
I think from my heart more often than my mind
And I'm usually mistaken but I do it wrong each time
You say you love me but wait
I'm the girl that follows an idealistic cause
My friends are books and I still believe in Santa Claus
You say you love me but just wait
I play for keeps and love without restrain
And I'll follow you whenever you need me to
But I'll get back on the last train.

You say you love me but wait
I have a fake tooth and real scars
from the times I used to go in search of the stars 
You say you love me but wait 
I love words and the light that enters through the leaves
And the sound of whistling trees 
You say you love me but wait
I hug with warmth unmatched
I must say I'm quite a catch
When you learn to love every bit of me
The heartbreaks. The let downs. The cracks in the wall.
All creating a little space that you can enter from
You say you love me but wait
I smile at sunshine while others complain
And sometimes I even chase butterflies.
You say you love me but wait
There is a part of me that I hide at all times
But I'll give that to you too if you just try
You say you love me but wait 
I'm barely done
But you say you love me and I want to believe you.