Saturday, 31 January 2015

Point A

There are very few people who like poetry and are not familiar with Sarah Kay. She is a spoken word poet and her poetry is eloquent and brilliant. This is my version of her poem "Point B"

If I should have a daughter
I’ll read to her “Point B”
And tell her that’s not me
But Mama is a worrier and 
Papa may not necessarily be a warrior
So she must fight her own battles
That on a long enough timeline everyone succeeds

She will learn that terrible things happen
But those terrible things, they save you
That salt water is the answer to everything
And the waves will take in anything if you let them
She will always have the key to what her life holds
Its like the clay that she will get to mould
That “Some things are just not meant to be”
Is the biggest lie ever told.

She will know that heartbreaks are painful
And losing someone can leave a hole in your heart that won’t be filed
I’ll tell her that her Mother was in love too with a man,
Who didn’t love her enough
But I got over it and she would too
But what I won’t tell her is that even now when I think of him
I feel the air knocked out of my lungs
and for moments after that they forget the taste of air
With my hand on her head
I’ll probably say it was for the best
But I’ll skip the rest

And Baby I’ll tell her never stop asking, “Why?
That she will not hear me say “Just because I said so”
She will know to be persistent
She will know to not settle for anything
lesser than what she dreamed of
Not all dreams are still breathing once you wake up
But they must not go without a fight
That life is like moonshine and her mother
Has been holding on to some of it each night
For when it gets too dark

She will know that love makes
the world go round
And the world has been going on for too long without enough of it
That the ones holding down her cape while she tries to save them
Are the ones that need her the most
And when she can't help them
When life seems at its darkest
She can cry

Sometimes tears are what you need to see clearly And life is greatest leveler
That just like books, it all ends well
Okay, not all books end well

But that is what the moonshine is for
The stars and the sky 
Can make you believe in the things that are much
bigger than us 
That there really are somethings she can't change
And that's okay
Cause if I should have a daughter 
She will call me "Point A"
Because I'll be her constant.