Friday, 29 July 2011

I fall and fall but i also learn ........ :)

It's been a while because i've been busy you know learning things ...growing up ..feeling more matured and well yes profound ! A  few things i learnt recently :

People are going to leave no matter what 
Yes i was naive enough to think that some people will be with you forever ..but no things don't work that way ..people will leave and you have to accept it might be close and they might mean the world to you but things will CHANGE ( i hate change )..but you have to get used to it and let people who chose not to leave see your amazing smile :D

After things get really really really BAD they can only get better 
When you go higher and higher and higher and the only way next is to go down ..( it works the other way to you go lower lower lower and BAM..rock bottom after that you can only rise up )
Once you've had your worst days feel so excited cause the happiest days are on its way :)
" The best way to get through hell is to keep going "

Others go through worse everyday
While you whine and get depressed over a broken relationship ..and friend issues and silly failures there are others in the world who go through worse each your not a sadist to get pleasure out of someone else's miseries but yeah when you see the troubles of others it usually makes your problems seem really silly.
This reminds of a beautiful quote i read :
" Sometimes in life we feel so blue, but someone somewhere is not happy as you.somewhere far at the border when a soldier sleeps, missing his loved ones he silently weeps. somewhere a mother painfully sighs coz, her new born baby didnt open her eyes. somewhere a poor dad silently cries, when he sees his son begging for a bowl of rice. somewhere in an orphanage a little gal is sad, when she misses her mom nd dad. so at times a reason to smile you may not have any, say to yourself that you are happier than many. ''cause life is beautiful and its not always blue, and someone somewhere is not as happy as you......there is no way for happiness, HAPPINESS is the way. "

People will love you for exactly who you are so never try and be someone else 
As hard as it might be to believe at times ..there are people who love you for exactly who you are ...and they would not have you any other way :D
Don't give ANYBODY the power to put you down . The key of your happiness should be in your pocket and not in someone else's :)

Respect yourself Or no one else will either 
If you don't respect yourself and don't do what's right for you no one else is going to respect you either take charge of your life and love yourself before you love someone else :) ..and know the difference between dignity and desperation O:) 

AND THROUGH IT ALL KEEP SMILING :D :) aaaah positivity FINALLY *dances* 

BTW this ad for cheddar cheese its awesomely cute :D 

Monday, 18 July 2011


You know when one has those days when just about everything goes wrong and you want to beat the daylights out of anyone you see :) Yeah i had mine today and it was awesome ( please sense the sarcasm )
  Starts with a normal morning i can't wake up so don't end up going to college ..instead sleep till noon and finally wake up when there is no electricity in the house ..and no it wasn't a power cut or load shedding or anything of that sort which one can't control was just a random power cut that happened only in my house :|
  This was only the beginning and then my phone the great BLACKBERRY decides to piss me off more stops working ..stops opening texts and sending ..stops reading the memory card or opening the contacts or even making calls for that matter :D 
   So to get away from the heat and in a quest to solve my own problems on my own i go to the repair centre after searching for the phone bill for half an hour and as soon as i pay 40 rupees and get down from the rickshaw    - my phone magically decides to get fixed :) cool isn't it .maybe it was feeling the heat to ..Feeling a little annoyed but happy that  my phone was atleast working i look for a rickshaw to take me home ..but life has its mysteriously annoying obviously no one wants to take me home ..and it starts to pour ..yes obviously i didnt bother to get the umbrella ( in my defense it wasn't raining when i left home ) So 20 mins later i finally find a auto and get home hoping to eat some lunch NOW ( btw its already 3.30 in the afternoon and i'm starvinggggggggggg )
 But no we are having a bad day remember mom wants to see the movie i've already seen and the Awesome daughter that i am,  i go again to give her company and skip lunch and no i refuse to eat popcorn at the theater cause 
a ) its criminal to pay so much for popped corn :| and
 b) that's all i ate for a two days and i'm sick of it anyway the movie was awesome ( but no this doesn't count as a good thing cause i already saw it )
  Moving on the movie is over and we start walking back cause obviously there is no rickshaw :D ( i'm going to shoot all the rickshaw drivers one day O:) ) So we go to this mall for grocery shopping since we walked it anyway and its on the way home ..this is like a big store so they also have clothes ( well mostly tacky clothes )..but i like one thing just one thing in the shop but that's the only thing they don't have in my size :) 
PS : Meanwhile my phone has gone off again :D
Finally i get home obviously after another struggle for the auto .!
I might also add meanwhile my bestfriend or whatever thinks he needs space from me and doesn't like seeing me anymore :)
And my other friends are sucked in by the black hole :D Who says life's hard ! :D

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Because It's Important !

I'm having a little self - destructive moment right now so i think it's important that i list down the things that make me happy ... Eeep LISTS :D that'll be the first :P Here it is :

Things that make ME super duper HAPPY :D
  • Making lists makes me happy
  • Completing the lists makes me happy
  • The smell of new books makes me happy  
  • Babies and their innocence make me happy
  • Looking at my baby pictures makes me happy
  • A song with beautiful lyrics makes me happy
  • Lots of colors make me happy
  • Entering a good smelling shop and getting high on the smell makes me happy =)
  • Waking up and remembering a good dream makes me happy
  • When someone pays for me it makes me happy ( yeah i'm a girl ..get over it )
  • Singing in the worst voice ever makes me happy
  • Meeting someone for the first time and getting along with them makes me happy
  • Finishing a good book makes me happy
  • Watching a nice movie makes me happy
  • Cooking for myself makes me happy
  • Balooons make me happy
  • Walking into a toy store makes me happy
  • Having a long tiring day but it being totally worth it makes me happy 
  • Waking up early without an alarm clock makes me happy
  • Being the center of attention sometimes makes me happy
  • Getting a comment on my posts makes me happy :D ;)
  • Clicking nice pictures makes me happy
  • Shopping for BAGS make me happy :)
  • Shopping for anything actually makes me happy
  • Opening gift wraps makes me happy
  • Shiny things make me happy ( yeah i turned 3 last week :P )
  • When someone appreciates me it makes me happy
  • Reaching just in time and catching the 10.21 train like a ninja makes me happy :P 
  • Flowers make me happy
  • Seeing a new follower on my blog makes me happy :D
  • Ice cream drives make me happy
I feel great ..mission accomplished :D Adios ! goodnight :)

Yeah that's the kind of happy i'm talking about ^ :P

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A cake walk :)

Ok for the many other's like me who have never entered the kitchen here is a simple recipe for cake making that i learned from a friend's so simple and uses stranger ingredients and its tastes fab so here it goes >

What you'll need ?
2 hide n seek packets
1 parle g packet
half cup of sugar 
Eno ( yes Eno ..bu the normal tasteless one - the blue packet ..its the substitute for baking powder )
And a mould of your favourite shape
Milk ( about one glass )

How to make it ?
You just put the biscuits and sugar and eno in one mix and put it in the mixer until it becomes a fine mix of flowy powder and then you add the milk so as to give a little semi - solid form and when it becomes like a batter u put in the mould and keep the mould in a cooker ( haven't tried it in the oven don't know if it would work ) but you dont put water in the cooker ..and dont seal it .like one would normally do ..just put a plate over the mould so as to let a little steam pass and yet not lead to a blast !

PS : The mould should be buttered from all sides so as to make it easy for us to remove the cake from it once its ready 

It take about 20 - 30 minutes depending upon the flame intensity and the size of your cake ..

Experienced Tip : You can also add chocolate in the batter - or use some melted chocolate to cover the cake once its ready so that it tastes like a brownie :D Garnish with M n M's and Gems :D

Not bad right :D this was when i had made it the first time :D for my friend Ketki's B'day ..Try it :)

Monday, 11 July 2011

Cause goodbyes are difficult ...!

The moment when you know something you loved and cherished with all your heart is the most painful moment ever ...As 15th july gets closer I'm happy and just pathetically sad's the end of one of the most happiest memories of my childhood ! Finally Harry is going to kill Voldemort and good is going to triumph over evil ..
  I remember when i read the first book of the series i didn't read it for quite sometime..atleast not when it had started becoming a rage was first published in 1999 and i read it in 2001 ..better late than never :)
   Every book you read after harry potter doesn't even come close to what you felt when you were reading about harry and his friends ..J.K.Rowling has changed my childhood is an understatement ..the day i read the last page of the Deadly Hallows i couldn't believe it was ending ..i actually cried could it end ..couldn't there be a few more pages ..infact i didn't read the end for quite sometime after i knew there were only a few pages left ...Denial !
  Harry Potter made me imagine things i never knew i could made me feel emotions i never knew i had ...i was present at my favourite bookstore on the day of the release of the Deadly Hallows how could i wait ( the impatient me ) It surprises and actually angers me when people say they don't like harry potter or they haven't read it ..then after a moment i just smile to myself cause they haven't experienced the magic that the million fans and I have ..Each new book keeps you hooked and makes you fall in love with the story even more ..Personally my favorite is the Order of The Phoenix ..i love the Weasley brothers - Fred and George and the amusing professor Umbridge !
 Then came the movies was like when your parents gave you a lollypop after your icecream got over to keep you quite for awhile :P ...but now its the last movie ..and its time to say goodbye all over again and maybe for good this time ..unless someone decides to remake the movies of J.K.Rowling writes a prequel ..
 Any which ways i'm still excited and upset but as i have already mentioned my love for lists here's one of my favorite Harry Potter moments :) ( Books and movies both )
Ps : They are not in order
  • The time when Hagrid comes to take Harry from his uncle's house ..the first touch of magic :)
  • Dobby's death ..sad but beautiful ( just saw the movie today AGAIN )
  • The competition - the one with the underwater task :)
  • The Pensieve moment when Dumbledore shows Harry Voldemort's childhood memories 
  • The wizard chess - Ron was adorable
  • The scene where they showed the Weasley's Shop ...i couldn't wait for the movie just to watch how they would capture that
  • The prophecy scene and the duel that followed
  • The one with the 7 harrys in the Deadly Hallows
  • The Dance in the goblet of fire
  • The final duel with voldemort
  • When Dumbledore and Harry go to find the locket 
  • The scene with the Sorting Hat ( my absolute favorite )
There are so many more i can't  possibly write all ..but these are the books i know i'll want my kids to read that they have their fantasies too and have a conversation topic about how the books were passed on to them from their mom and how amazing they were :P 
Ciao :)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Great Indian Wedding :D

No one does weddings like Indians :D
Recently i attended a inter-caste wedding ..gujju girl weds south indian boy and not once but twice ..
Yes they got married according to the rituals of both the castes and it was actually interesting and fun to watch ..
 During the South Indian wedding the bride was laden with flowers and not just some flowers lots of flowers ! She actually looked like a flower pot :P..south indians don't believe in jewellery the only ornaments they use are flowers ...their ritual was short and sweet and started and ended just at the right time .. Then came the gujju ceremony it was late , long but still pretty interesting.. the credit here goes to the priest he decided to use a mike and let everyone present know what each ritual meant so it was pretty educative too :) For starters i didn't know there were only 4 pheras in a gujju ceremony and 7 steps for each vow ! One could easily see the cultural divide among the crowd the relatives of both sides sat in different rows ..each one trying to be snobbish in their own way..the parents seemed happy and accepting though ..
 The sangeet that was before the wedding was also hilarious in its own way.. a group of singers was called and they sang the gujju wedding songs for the bride for 2 hours without a break while the south indians just stared with a dumb and rather bored look on their faces. The next hour was great because the groom's close knit famnily included two personalities who are playback singers and they were spontaneously asked to sing for the guests which they did and did well ..they sang hindi songs for the benefit of all thank god for that ..Varsha maasi as they fondly called her she had a electrifying voice and she sang many songs and entertained everyone till the food was served . She also made the couple dance along the tunes of a slow song while the oldies gaped in horror as how they were dancing in front of the whole community but they seemed to be unaware of anything or anyone around them..aaah the film like romance :D ..and no points for guessing the food included dosa and idli *rolling eyes*
   Back to the wedding after the 4 pheras and the exchange of garlands there was just one little ceremony that was left..We have a little ceremony where the cousins/friends of the bride steal the shoes of the groom and return them only when they are handsomely rewarded..yes just like a scene out of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun :P 
Me being one of the cousins we had our hands on the groom's shoes and we were waiting for our reward which we did get 500 each for the ten of us :D generous jijaji  :P 
  The wedding was finally over and more than the guests i'm sure the groom and bride needed some rest after 3 hectic days ...You know what i love about weddings's how happy the couple look ..its their day ..a day that will never come again but a day they will always remember ..a day when you decide to share everything including yourself with someone else someone you love and the smile you have on your face just imagining the life you will have from now just doesn't seem to go away...:)
  Personally I'm terrified of getting married it doesn't mean i never will..i will but in time ALOT of time ..I'm scared of the commitment of being so close to someone of not being able to make choices without keeping someone else in mind ..the fear that my dreams will end and his dreams will become more important ..or maybe he'll want to make "our" dreams come true ...together but what our the chances of finding someone so perfect pretty less right so its scary ! ( its not pessimistic its called practicality ) 
  Newhoo this wedding was an experience for me ..a nice experience :)
   Congratulations Minjal and Srikrishnan :D May you have a happily married life :)

Things i want to do before i die...!

Okay so i'm sick and have absolutely nothing to do so i thought of making this list ...i love making lists :P  And this one i wanted to make for quite sometime ..its nothing great but its the small things :D
  • Own a dog and call it Theo or Coco
  • Go to Disneyland
  • Experience the hype that is  "love"
  • Climb a mountain and feel all accomplished :P
  • I want to own a house in Bandra - 3 bedrooms , terrace , walk in wardrobe , bar ..oh yeah totally BAR :P , Sea facing and awesome furniture !
  • Learn how to play the guitar
  • Learn pool
  • Be a teacher - maybe that will teach me patience 
  • Learn poker
  • Watch a cricket match live from the stadium
  • Travel in the back of a truck ( Filmmmy )
  • I want to go on a cruise 
  • Get a tattoo ( this is subject to change ..i might just not want one )
  • Watch a movie alone
  • Visit corbett national park
  • Have a grand wedding *dreamy*
  • Break a bone
  • Slap someone hard across their face ( anyone )
  • Paint a wall
  • Make a big donation
  • Own a hotel
  • Own  a horse 
  • Be a corporate workaholic bitch :P
  • Learn a dance form
  • Click a magical picture 
  • Have a BIG birthday party
  • Go somewhere in a helicopter
  • Learn how to swim 
  • Sing at a karaoke bar
  • Go to kashmir , new york , paris , las vegas , macau , amsterdam , london , maldives , egypt , africa , australia AND france :D
  • Get published or get published about 
I'll keep updating the list ..make yours ..and make sure you make a new one once its over ..coz there is so much to do and so little time :D
keep reading !