Saturday, 23 June 2012

Blogoversary :D

Finally this day has come. I had planned to write this post in many ways but now that the time to write it is finally here I have absolutely nothing to say. My baby is ONE :D
   Blogging was a result of absolute boredom and an encouraging friend's nagging . I want to make one of those cheesy and oh so emotional speeches about completing a year on the blogosphere. And no amount of cheese will actually explain how I truly feel. My blog is a part of my personality now. Its one of my special things , a place I call home. What a hell of a year it has been and this space of mine has been like a outlet for steam. Some really weepy posts also happened, so did many happy. It made me question , realize and understand many things about myself that I had never known. More importantly I read writing by some amazing people and made some awesome friends ( More on them later ) 
    103 Posts , 101 followers  friends and 365 days later I can safely say I am a boastful yet better person. This blog gave me something to look forward to everyday. A new comment , a new follower , a new connection with a fellow blogger was somethig I started to look forward to each day. I blog with an anonymous name , though somehow everyone seems to know my real name . Not a very good undercover agent I'll make. But I like it that way. If you took the pains to stalk me well you deserve to know my name :P A very big thank you to all those people who never run out of encouraging words and all those people who read my posts and spared some time to leave all those generous comments. I was not expecting a soul to read my blog, leave alone comment on it with the exception of my best friend ofcourse cause I email , text , gtalk and bbm, the link of each new post to her. So thank you for this total surprise and proving me wrong ( Doesn't happen alot :P )

Now move the spot light off me , cause this post would be incomplete without me mentioning some amazing and beautiful people I know because of my blog . Thank you all for touching my life in big and small ways :)
Thank you Indiblogger for organising the beautiful blogger's meet along with Stayfree and Unicef. I never got the chance to blog about it . But it was a wonderful evening with a lot of interesting women from all walks on life , it was truly an evening to remember :)
Thank you Blogadda for the nice books you'll send me :)

Also , all my old friends who are also on the blogosphere  - My life and everything that touches it , Reviews and Reminiscence , Mental Excreta , The Girl with A Motormouth & Pink Pebbles

And a very BIG thank you to Vishant who made me blog :)