Thursday, 26 June 2014


It's important for me at this point in my life, to get back to writing. It gave meaning to my life before, a whole new meaning a whole new world. And I want that back. I want this space of my own, to dissolve into. So I am unearthing the million drafts I didn't complete. The stories I wanted to write that I didn't put down and each little thought I ever wanted to see in writing.

For the longest time 
You were the only woman in his life
For the longest time he's observed you 
Take care of the nest so meticulously each day
You do it so effortlessly
I want you to know that each time 
He says "You're just like my mother'
I feel a sense of pride
I wasn't raised in a mansion
Or fed with a silver spoon
I wasn't brought up to think money is everything
Because only fools believe that’s true
I wasn't raised to live out my parents dream
But to proudly dream my own
I wasn't raised to walk the popular path
But to strongly pave my own
I wasn't raised with material things
But something great indeed
I was raised with love
And love is all I need

He's taught me that each day is a new beginning
And mistakes are only pebbles in the way of life
He's taught me that love is everlasting
He's taught me that anything was possible
If I only believed 
He shows me that I could have everything
If I only dreamed
He's watched me grow up and stay young all at once
He tells me of you 
All the little things
What makes you happy and what
drives you mad
but most importantly he tells me its you whose made him a man
And I want to say thank you for bringing him to the world
Mother, thank you for giving me what is mine.

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