Saturday, 29 November 2014

You and Me.

I fall a little in love with everyone I meet
I fall in love with everything that humanity is and can be
The imperfections and rounded edges draw me in
I want to know your story
Will you tell me?
Will you tell me why you hate that Beatles song
Or why peanut butter with bread is just so wrong .
Will you tell me of your biggest dreams and all that made you.
Of the books you took to bed 
The days when too many thoughts filled your head
Of the time you held your brother’s finger and followed him around
The times the bully put you down

I fall a little in love with everyone I meet
Someone that hands me a piece of their soul 
Trusting me to keep it
I'm mind blown
You trust me? To keep it.
So safely tucked away
All the things you say
Of the times you had a broken bone
The pages of your diary that you think are just a drone
Of the love you thought was yours 
Are just a few
Of the stories I want to hear
From you

I fall in love a little with everyone I meet 
When you tell me 
Of the day you cried yourself to sleep
When you realized that there is only so much you can do
That the burden of privilege is not yours alone
That we are all just turning into each other's clones
When the truth was too much to take
When choices took the name of mistakes
And then when you say, but I moved passed it
I fall in love with you a little. 
It overwhelms me how easy it is to love
To trust and be trusted too
That we are not alone
believe me, you

That all we are looking for is 
a connection
Some common ground to anchor on
To build a bridge
To catch a train
To something, to someone
Who is never too far away
All we need is to not feel so alone
So I look,
I look for stories. I look for people with their hearts on their sleeve.
Because I fall in love a little with everyone I meet.
I want to know your story.
Will you tell me?
Cause I have them too.
Not so different me and you.


  1. Oh my god, this was so nicely written that I was reading it over and over a while, taking in the words, before I could stop and comment.

  2. @Pooja - Thank you :)

    @Keirthana - Thank you so much :D