Monday, 16 March 2015


I fear, a life that is just about ordinary
That when I'm old and gone
The dash between the years of my life will have no stories to tell

I fear that too much ambition will eventually drown me 
Or worse, I'll fall in irrevocable love with flying like the film I can't stop talking about
And no place will feel like home again.

I fear not the darkness but the lonely nights it brings
That eventually eat you up
And slowly sleep is a secret you tell your body to keep.

I fear that I fall in love in an all consuming way
And I can't really draw the lines between what is platonic and otherwise
I love the rhythm of poetry and its concave curves
But maybe we are better off as friends.

I fear that books will one day lose their comfort
The lines I knew at the back of my hand 
Will turn into patterns and all I will be able to make of them are scribbles

I fear standing at the crossroad of nowhere, terrified if there will be a happy ending
There probably will
But I will fear still.

I fear that by the time I learn what it really is to let go
I'd have too many people and things pass by
And everything I'd ever let go would have claw marks on it.

I fear a world of complete despair 
I fear a life of counting the clock
The world's oldest trick

And probably the only one that is truly magic

But what if it's time that I don't have 
What if there are just so many days I knew I had?
Would I be brave then?


  1. This was a great poem, yes, I do have many of these fears but then again finding answers to these fears will pave way to get over them, so I believe.

    Love the makeover :)

  2. No place would feel like home again. I know exactly what that means.