Saturday, 30 May 2015

4 Year Anniversary Giveaway

Hello! *voice echoes in empty corridors of emptiness*

If anyone is still here, listening and reading my monologues and conversations with self, you are invited to a PARTY!!! My blog completes 4 glorious strictly ordinary years this June, and I'm going to have a WAIT FOR IT...giveaway!

Mario Miranda cartoons are the love of my life! So the prize for the giveaway was obvious!

4 Year Anniversary Giveaway

The Rules are simple.

- Visit the Definitely, Maybe* Facebook page

- Follow me on TwitterInstagram and Pinterest

- Share the link to my blog for bonus points!

Each such entry earns you some points, based on which a very smart software will pick the winners at random

1st Winner gets a Mario Miranda Novelty Mug

2nd Winner gets 2 sets of Mario Miranda postcards, which are just beautiful. Let's get to letter writing again!

3rd Winner - This is really special. I am going to Bangkok next week, and the third winner will get a special gift which I will be getting from Bangkok! (So can't specify what exactly)

Tadaaaa! So take part right now. Contest closes on 30th June and winners will be announced on 3rd July.

PS: Since it's anniversary month, and my blog has been ignored for most part of last year. I am going to  try to blog everyday, starting today till 30th June, So join me, and take up the challenge?


  1. Though I was aware of his works,I was only fascinated by his work after I visited his museum in Goa.
    I would choose the mug as I've couple of Mario Miranda postcards.
    FB page link when clicked says page not found!

    1. Hey, I just tried the link. It's working fine! But don't worry your entry is recorded. Thanks for participating! :D

      Do spread the word for brownie points!

  2. Hi there! I would like to win the special gift from Bangkok! I love surprise! Looking forward to receive the special gift from you! Thank you so much...^^

  3. I also had issues with the FB page, says content not available.

    Also, I'd love to win both the postcards and the surprise gift :P I know, greedy me, but I can't pick!!!