Sunday, 5 July 2015

All for Good Karma

I've been counting the lines on the back of my hand 
Again and again and again. 
They say every seven years all the cells in our body are completely replaced 
It's my only solace 
To know that in seven years even my body will be a stranger to you.

I've been lighting candles 
That went out,  perhaps as a sign of prayers that won't be answered
and apprehensions that were yet to find peace
But I light them, hoping that someday there will be someone
Who'll see my flame go out
And rush to cup their hands around me
Patiently waiting for me to be bright again.

I've been buying books 
The kind you can touch and caress 
In bookstores around the cities that we met in 
Amidst the empty aisles I leave notes 
Of hope. 
Wishing, that you find them before it's shut down
Before it is completely replaced by 
a version of itself it doesn't fully recognize.

I've been giving in forms I only learnt now 
In between learning to breath fully
I try to find meaning 
In the stories of people I'll never truly know
And I'm dying to tell you that a girl went to school today 
Because I spent a night sending emails to friends and acquaintance alike
Asking for my trust in humanity to be restored 
But I'll tell you, I'm done with believing

I've been wishing on shooting stars
and waiting for the clock to strike 11.11
But I've been doing that for too long now
I don't think it works. 
I don't think I really know the difference 
Between what is real and superficial anymore
And superstition is better than faith.

I've been building paper birds 
Because a 1000 of them,  are more than 2 and with each I tie a wish for you 
And from afar you can't really tell if they are paper or flesh. 
If they are happy or sad. 
From this far you can't tell anything
And I'm letting them go for good karma
But this time I won't wait by the window. 
They'll just fly in whenever they please 
This time more real than before.


  1. Sigh. This was so beautiful. And... sort of uplifting, strangely enough. =) Good day!