Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Ahem Ahems

Hello My Lovely People ,
    Yes Yes , I know I have been irregular and the sudden disappearance is not appreciated . This post is only to let you all know I'm very much alive . Ofcourse when I say that I conveniently assume you'll care of my well being .
  My first cousin got married recently , so shaadi ka ghar kaisa hota hai aapko toh pata hi hoga . No ? Well more on that later . I also had Bcom exams and now I'm back to the hell hole I call " Office " very fondly. Nevertheless silent March is going to make up big time , Haveeee you met Awesome April :P ?
 I guess not . So remember how Kanika did Fantabulous February here. Similarly I'm going to do wait for it AWESOME APRIL , the name is so clique I know its like Awesome Since '92 so Awesome April :D Get it .Get it . ? :P Now do you get the silence ? Since I had to blog everyday in April , the so called break ( running out of ideas ) in March. If you are new here you can see my Fantabulous February posts here
  So the basic idea is I put up an inspiration everyday for the entire month of April and you all can join me and blog with the help of that inspiration. The inspiration could be a song , a quote or a picture and you'll can use it to write a post or do something totally out of the box with it :D. By the end of the day I will update the post with my interpretation and links to your posts =) Cool idea right. Yeah Kanika's brain child. Also I haven't found 30 Inspirations yet so if you have anything inspiring to share do send it to me on . Credit will be duly given.
    So watch this space for more of Awesome April and please please please join me so as to not make me look like a retard . Thank you .

Yours Truly


  1. Good luck for 'Awesome April'!:-)

  2. Interesting idea - could use a lot of ideas too .... am running ut of steam here!

  3. Cool Idea. Waiting for April eagerly :D

  4. Something to look forward to while i'm in chennai then :D all the best! :* make me fall in love with awesome april!

  5. you guys are making this thing viral :D .. Soumi had done quite an amazing job carrying forward Fantabulous february and I'm sure that your Awesome April will be amazing too! All the best for it dear :)

  6. I'm in on occasional days. :)

  7. Nice idea .. :)

    1. Welcome to my blog and thank you :)

  8. wow! wow! amazing idea! I had a similar idea of inspiring people...guess I need more inspiring people to lecture me some inspiration to pen down one!:)

  9. Yay. April is my favorite. And I will try to tag along! :)