Friday, 9 March 2012


In a world where everyone couldn't care less , be the person who couldn't care more
In a place where there is gloom and despair , be the person who has one too many smiles to spare
In a place where kindness is forgotten , be the person who helps the down trodden
In a place where women are looked down upon , be the voice that makes it stop.
In a place where darkness fills the room, be the sunshine over someone's shoulder.
In a place where money is important , be the person who longs for contentment .
In a place where appreciation is mistook as flattery , be the person who compliments with a pure heart.
In a place where emotions have no value , be the person who empathizes with the feelings.
In a place where love is lost and hearts are broken , be the person who'll be there even when things fall apart.
In a place where everyone is chasing what they don't have , be the person who appreciates the little you do.
In a place where competitiveness prevails, be the person who helps someone that fails.
In a place where happiness has to be stolen , be the person who creates it.
In a place where people judge , be the person who understands.
In a place where no one has time to listen , be the person who lends a ear once in a while.
In a place where people are forgotten , be the person who remembers.
In a place where where hate thrives in the hearts , be the person who loves.
In a place where revenge is sort after , be the person who forgives.
And in a place where people only know how to take , be the person that gives .


  1. This is just so BEAUTIFUL! :)

    Now I know what I want to be and what I have to be!

    Just LOVED it!!

  2. inspiring words! from were do you get so much of positive vibes? :)

    1. It just comes naturally , eternal optimist :D :P

  3. A motivational speaker in the making,huh?;-)

    1. :) :) Not really :P just some self motivation is good enough :P

  4. This be gorrrrrrrrgeously written! =)

  5. A very lovely read Blu... made me smile. This life felt after all worthwhile.

  6. Nice one! I've read cousin versions of this one a lot! I love that picture too :)

  7. Thank you Jen. Welcome to my blog :D

  8. hmmmm nyc one....really liked it.... :)