Wednesday, 2 January 2013

This Year I ...

(In no particular order)

Lost  a friend due to misunderstandings and fights.

Fell in irrevocable, deep, irrational, stupid & mindless love. A good feeling, you must try it sometime.

Had my heart broken. And thought it was the end of the world.

Won a contest hosted by a fellow blogger. I never win anything, so it is quite a big deal.

Made tons of new friends, met new people. Gathered experiences, memories and insights :)

Finally got a dog, to complete the family and understood the real meaning of selfless love.

Started something new, career wise. Made the best out of what I had and gave into the passion. 

Attended the wedding of a really close family member for the first time. Very Jutte Do Paise Lo Moment >_<

Bought my own laptop with my own money (: Installments FTW !! :D

Grew up in so many ways :) A year older, much wiser and smarter.

Survived the Mayan's idea of the end of the world. 

Was stunned by an incident that shook the nation and realized, I don't have a NOT IN MY BACKYARD attitude after all. 

Wrote more than double of how much I wrote last year. Me is happy :)

Spent a lot of time charging my phone and I intend to do it in 2013 as well. 

So a very good year in terms of a lot of things. I am almost content...almost:)
Even  in the smallest accomplishments and the biggest joys, 2012 has been the best year of my life ( no exaggeration). And once you are set to climb upwards you can only go higher. A very HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EACH ONE OF YOU READING THIS . May this new year be a rebirth of sorts and bring you a lot of new luck, joy , and love. 


  1. That was cute :) I had many such moments too (minus the love :P, was in post break up session :P)Hope the year brings a lot more smiles and you soar high in your career :)

    1. Hope 2013 is awesome for you too :) Much love :D

  2. May there be many such years in tow then. Wish you a glorious 2013.

    1. Same to you AS :). You go missing for too long!

  3. Pets do teach us a lot about what real selfless love is all about right? I understand that.. and I am so happy I have it in my life! :)

  4. That was a lovely post. Happy new year to you. :)

    1. Thank you Anisha :) Happy new year to you too :D

  5. Wishing you a great year ahead.. Cherish the memories of 2012 :)

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