Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Secret Santa Ka Funda

So the lovely Indiblogeshwaris came up with a Secret Santa game of their own this year. Each blogger was asked to review a blog anonymously and provide honest feedback on what they thought of the blog they were assigned. And this secret would only be revealed on Christmas when the presents open so Shhh!

So I was assigned the wonderful Shaivi Sharma who blogs at Shaivi ka Funda. To begin with I thought that her blog was just so honest. Every post was like a sneak peak into her life, which is the true essence of blogging isn't it? She puts a piece of herself in her writing which instantly connects you to her and also inspires you to write something of your own. There is an alliteration in her name, so obviously her love for words is inevitable

Her blog is almost 2 and has won many accolades in the form of goodies for blog contests because of the sheer creativity and sincerity in the writing. 

Why you should head to her blog RIGHT NOW!
  • Cause I am her Santa Secret Elf and I said so
  • I love how there is a mixed bag that it has to offer. From Book Reviews, Travelogues, Food Recipes, Movies to the little bits from her personal life. She writes everything.
  • She is super regular in her writing. Which I really admire because personally I can't sit myself down and write as often as 4-5 times a month. Her creativity is always on its toes ;)
  • I think her blog is very vibrant. Light background and dark text, which is the perfect blend. I like people who have simple themes, soothing to the eyes.
  • Her style of writing is engaging and personal which makes all her posts more interesting and catchy. 
  • No draggy descriptions. I love how crisp and just the right length her posts are. There is no race to reach a 1000 word + mark.
  • Her views and heartwarming stories make for a perfect companion when you want to snuggle in bed and read something nice.

I am glad I found her blog. And Shaivi I hope when you read this, it makes you smile. Keep Writing and Stay Awesome.

Merry Christmas. Ho Ho Ho.


  1. Thanks so much! This is the best Christmas gift!

  2. Nice review Nirali. We have so many talented writers amongst us. Shaivi will soon be over to your blog.

  3. I'm glad to learn about Shaivi ka Funda and will surely check out more of her fundas...nice review :)

  4. I like your blog. You had me at the title... and the sub-title. :)

    Good going secret elf! Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Love the name of your blog too (thanks Kajal for pointing that out). Nice review - short, sweet and to the point. Just the way I like it.