Sunday, 8 December 2013


She is holding her drink 
He thinks she's had enough
But she thinks otherwise
She puts his arms around him to say
That love is a butterfly
He smiles and whispers
Let's hold out our hand and let it settle then
And as those words leave his mouth
She feels a familiar twinge
An emotion she hadn't felt for a while
A memory, a night, a someone
Someone she knew so well but not quite

In a another part of the world
He is working hard
Addressing a crowd of peers
Who think he's out of his mind
And as he makes his parting speech
His eyes reach the lady who just opened the door
Something so familiar about her
That he can't ignore
She excuses her self for getting the wrong room
He just caught a glimpse but wasn't quite sure
He follows her out
Looking around he wonders if he'll see that familiar face
and when he turns he sees her
This time more closely
A little disappointment and an out of place smile
He gets back to work 
With her on his mind

Each day a small reminder
Made its way from unexpected places
A scent, a movie, a place, a thing
Little by little creeping in
The questions that usually linger
Now made a resounding sound
Why did it not work out?
How it all went down.
In a momentary moment of weakness
He picks up the phone
She too the dials the numbers
That she thought were long forgotten
And as they listen for the click
To feel the return of a familiarity
To listen to that voice
All they hear is a busy tone
Almost there, but not quite 
And reality draws them in
With a nonchalant smile 
They go back to being what they are
So close yet just as far.