Monday, 1 June 2015

Love Socially

That poem you shared the other day
On your blog
Did you have me in mind when you hit *publish*?
Tell me, is it true? I’m not trying to fish.

The Tweet you RTed at 9 o’clock last night;
about your hand in mine
Entwined like two beautiful trees trying to stay apart but failing.
Should I have taken that as a sign?

On Instagram
You said, “I make you happy”
Or is just the comments that followed
Or the publicity

On Facebook you said you loved me truly.
I was feeling ‘fly’.
Until that girl from next door said,
something about my mismatched hair-tie

On Snapchat you send me selfies,
of you and everyone around.
From when you left home for work,
to until you were in your night gown

But amidst all the social networks
I really wonder why?
Love needs to find expression in words and emoticons.
When all it really takes is for you
to stand beside me and look me in the eye.

This post is a part of my attempt to blog everyday for a month on the occasion of my blog completing 4 years :D Also there is a GIVEAWAY so do participate and win awesome things!