Thursday, 23 June 2011

blogging on blogging ;)

Okkkkkk ! i didn't know blogging could be so addictive ..i mean its actually a lot of fun and in the one day that i have a  blog ..i read so many people's blog and am following so many blogs its unbelievable ..there is so much talent and creativity in some of the writing its actually inspiring me to get better and post regularly.
  ok i have a confession ..i used to think that blogging is like putting your life on display but then now that i think about maybe its not that bad :) there is so much to write about , so many tangled thoughts and so many words that need expression ..this is going to be my object of fascination for a while now i think :)
  thankyou vishant for making me do this :D really ..some day when i get published or something you'll be the one i'll thank for reminding me everyday to make a blog and challenging me to do it by calling me a technologically challenged blonde ..hmmph :P


1 comment:

  1. YAY, YAY, YAY.
    I'm mentioned! :P :D
    I love blogging. There are so many ideas we always have, which we always want to share, and this is the best medium to do so.
    I'm so happy you made one. :)