Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I love my city :)

After a lot of thought and hesitancy I decide to make my first post about Mumbai . My city is something I feel so passionate about its unbelievable. No city is like mumbai and anyone who has ever lived here knows that. People complain about the various things rains , traffic , pollution but I love it all . I could breathe the same polluted air forever and be happy about it. The small things about this city is what I love..experiencing the first rains here its like heaven , walking on the big streets in town , chaat , ganpati visarjan ..the spirit of the city , Mumbai is home . Period :D
    I prefer to still call it Bombay sometimes it has a homely sound ..Mumbai just sounds a little Shiv Senish ..besides how does it even matter right what a city is named as long as u feel at home here. My ever changing breathtaking city has taught me everything I need to learn ..its been there during the good times and bad ..when I go to marine drive I know those rocks , the water  they'll be here for me always just so that I can look at them and feel their arms around me ...sometimes I feel so lucky to be born here it almost overwhelms me ...I have lived my life here and wouldn't have it any other way ..the laughter the tears the friendships the places the parties everything :D
  Someday i also hope to leave the place i'll ever call home to learn new things but it won't be long before i'll come back for good. The city has taught me well and i'll do it proud..after living here for so many years ..silence scares me has made me so restless that i don't like not having a crowd around me and when i'm alone i want to be with the sea .. no one is ever alone in this city always keeps u company ..maybe sometime i'll blog about my favorite secret places of the city...
 This may not be my best post and i'm not a writer but i know i'll get better :)

One of the best things about this city.. is the smell of the different air. You can smell it before you see or hear anything of the place. It's the blue skin-smell of the sea, no matter where you are in the Island City. That smell: the worst good smell in the world, above all things- that welcomes me and tells me I've come home :D   
- Shantaram


  1. well, as you know, i am not quite sure whether i like mumbai or no. but then if mumbai includes having horlicks with your friend who specially comes down for you till churchgate for twenty minutes, and if this friend of mine decides that she loves mumbai, & she is adamant enough that she will not move to any other city with me if i do, then well *sigh* i will HAVE to love mumbai too :p
    (my first comment :D)