Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Open letter to the bestfriend :D

Hello !
I never know how to start letters . :S well i love you ( it sounds good anywhere ) :D
These are somethings i say too often and some i never say but i want you to know them..yes we fight those ugly fights but i love you and when i say its over and i hate you and i don't want to see your face ever again i don't mean it at all and you know what the best part is you know that.
  Yes i am dependent on you and yes i can't live without you just knowing that your one call away makes many things easy..when i lose my way ( bad geography ) or when i need to hear where i'm going wrong its so easy to be able to approach you. You're my best critic and the person who sees through me.. its actually scary. Yes i cry when we fight and i can't deal with it and yes i don't want to share you with anyone and yes you annoy me but i wouldn't have it any other way.
 Sorry when i hurt you and for all the times i remind you of the things i do for you...sorry i suck at being understanding and sorry i expect too much and sorry i'm an extremist..sorry when i blame you for all my problems and sorry when i don't understand yours ..but i genuinely care about you i really do..and i appreciate you being there for me ALWAYS no matter what ..even when i annoy you , even when i shout at you , even when i'm unreasonable , even when i'm angry , even when i'm crying..ALWAYS >:D<
Thankyou for never giving up on me ..thankyou for caring for me...sorry we get distant sometimes ..mostly its my fault but i hope someday we'll be back to how we were ...i know we will :) i cry as i write this because i have two beautiful people in my life who i never really appreciate and who never leave me ..even when i threaten to leave them :(
I love you'll :D
To Bozo N Kadu ( don't kill me ) :*


  1. umm....now i wish even my best friend could write. :)
    *Sigh, she always asks me apologies to be late anyways though.