Friday, 19 August 2011

Small fish in troubled waters *gulp*

Ok so maybe i forgot to mention my IPCE (  Integrated Professional Competency Examination ) results came on 8th August and i have successfully cleared both groups *parttttttttttttty* or really ?
For those who are unaware about my topic of discussion i cleared my Inter CA ( chartered accountancy ) exams  which consist of 2 groups and 7 papers :
Group 1 : Accounts
               Law , Ethics and Communication
               Financial Management and Costing

Group 2 : Advanced Accounts
                Audit and Assurance
                IT and Strategic Management

And so its not exactly such a happy occasion because life and its struggles don't end there :( ..passing both groups means i now have to start something known as articleship ..which will be 3 years of rigorous training in a CA firm as an intern which will give a practical base to my theoretical knowledge =) and only after this can you give you CA final attempt !
Sounds so nice and easy believe me it isn't ..
  The problems start with whether to join a BIG firm or mid sized or small one does it matter ?

Well what i mean by BIG is really BIG !
THE BIG 4 - Anyone who works in finance knows what i'm talking about ..the Big 4 are the sharks of the business ..they are bigshots and no one even gets close to their scale of work ..any remotely big company ( smaller fish ) is taken over by them and eaten with bones ..besides they are workaholic and expect you to be one to at the age of 18 - 19 and devote your lives to them for a nominal stipend ( remuneration ) of a maximum of 7000 a month ..they ask you to leave college and do correspondence ..they ask you to break it to your parents that they will not be having a child for 3 years from now and they make you go through a humongous interview process to give you the scary corporate feel so that u can work as an assistant to a under-graduate :) ..for more info on the big 4 see this ..
why would you want to do this ? 
No reason of now they might have trashed my cv like thousand others ..i haven't got a call from here yet 

Mid size firms 
Yeah they are the dolphins ...nice easy life not too much work ..monday to saturday late nights corporate feel ..just something your doing out of compulsion so taking it easy . Here you are acknowledged your presence is felt and people know of your existence and might just care about your well being . They hope to be big 4 someday ..everyone wants to be a shark *rolling eyes*
Why would you want to do this ?
You learn everything ..your not stuck in a single department get to make coffee for the boss ..the setting is casual and life is easy and YES you have a LIFE !

Small firms 
They are the Angelfish in the OCEAN ..small very small ..lost like Nemo ! You don't have work here ...your the manager and the peon and also the boss at times one cares when you come or when you take leave ..appointing articles is a formality for them and doing the articles is yours ..Mon - Friday  ..only from 10 - 5..its as good as being free all day when does anything happen before 5 neway .
why would you want to do this ?
Your dad knows the boss and he lets you walk in and out of the office as and when you feel like ...and plus your JUST PLAIN LAZY !

Now ME ! New to all this ! First CA in the family ....first CA in the whole neighbourhood of my ancestral village of Gujarat . Experience - Zero ! 
What do i do now ?
Hand drop and email my CV to every Ca firm there is in the whole of Mumbai ! Make appearances at random offices for walk in interviews , stare at my phone for a call back ..or maybe a interview call ...or maybe someone just wants to be nice and just give me the job without an interview ( it could happen ...i watch movies ok )
Then what happens ?
NOTHING ..Zilch ! No job ..! Big 4 don't care mid sized firms take interviews but don't call back and small firms , well i don't want to go there !
So i patiently wait for a job and just wait some more ! Will keep you'll in the loop :D

Ps : Ca's are BORING people and their offices are dull and stuck up but I'm going to still be AWESOME ;)  
Pps : I now know a lot more roads than i did earlier because of all the finding the office business
Pppps : Nothing BYE i just wanted to add one more :P

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