Sunday, 28 August 2011

Update post :)

hello everyone ! 
Remember the internship i had told you'll about that i needed to find for myself well you are now reading the words of an Articled Assistant at GPS and Associates :D yay ! 
The firm is really nice ..the people are friendly ..its been a week is a new level of awesome i already have a feeling of accomplishment .Looking forward to this :D

ps : My article on Anna and gang got published in the viewspaper wooohooo :D
I had already posted it on the blog as well , didn't know it would get published newhoo you'll can see it here 

Pps : At the Induction held for us at GPS and associates we were shown this amazing video ..its Steve Jobs speech at the Standford Commencement in 2005 . Watch it . Very inspiring :D


  1. congrats... me too got published on an article written on anti-corruption movement in a major daily... looks like it did help the amateur writers :P

    Good luck with intern..


  2. well in that case congrats to you too :D
    Thankyou :D