Friday, 30 December 2011

Some Story - Part 1

The applause was deafening . He was feeling a smile appear on his face after maybe months . He hadn't truly smiled for months he thought , maybe it was finally getting better. The pain was lifting.

It was the last annual day he would be attending in college. He had come up on stage thrice today. Twice to perform and once to take the graduation certificate. He loved the stage , it gave him a kind of high. The pressure of performing never troubled him . He was a born artist. All lovers are artists he always said.
Today he was going to party and celebrate with friends. They all made their way outside the auditorium to hit their favorite hangout. The phone rang , he turned to look at the number he had dialed a million times over the years , heard that voice on the other end a million times . 

" hello "
" hello ..Poo ? "

There was silence. He was about to hang up when she said " I'm getting engaged. He's an IIM graduate from  Delhi . I'll be moving with him once we are married next June. I just wanted to tell you" 

Suddenly all the noises in the background turned into a shrill silence almost as if everyone around him got what he was feeling inside . His words choked on his lips . He didn't know what to say. His mind wandered  to all the times they had spent . To the phone calls that never ended . To the nights they spent talking about nothing and everything. The times he hugged her like she was his world. She was his world. He felt numb 

The voice on the other end was saying something but he couldn't hear it anymore . He was listening to his own voice from all the memories when he had said he loved her and she had said it back. So did it not mean anything to her .

" Hello Arush ? Can you hear me ? Arush ? "
 " Ah ya ..Congratulations"

It just felt like someone had put a million tons of iron on his shoulder, he felt sick.
He bid his friends goodbye and promised to meet them he wanted to go home he said.
He went to the college terrace with a bottle of absolute vodka. He couldn't go home to the chatter of his family..they wouldn't understand.

He drank and with each gulp the pain got deeper . The memories of her became more vivid , like it happened yesterday. She had won again. She had shattered his heart all over again. 

Two years ago 

" Arush meet my friend Poo , i mean Pooja . Poo this is Arush , my boyfriend . " said Riya
They smiled at each other . Poo was gorgeous he thought milky skin ,  doe like eyes , hair that was just the right color of brown , and a vibrant smile . She was beautiful .
Poo looked at him all day and observed him like a doctor looks at his a patient. She was worried about Riya , she always dated the wrong kind of guys. Arush was funny and charming . He smiled that heart melting crooked smile at everyone , Poo was starting to approve of him.

One and half year back 

Today Poo , Riya and Arush were supposed to go to marine drive together. It was christmas eve. 
Riya's going to be late today explained Arush before Poo could ask any questions. They decided to sit at a coffee shop while they waited for Riya. They started talking about life , dreams , relationships and memories. They couldn't believe they were opening up to each other like this so suddenly. He made  her laugh . She enjoyed his company. They decided to take a stroll on Marine Drive.. He told her about how he always wanted a house here ..she looked at him with disbelief as she said she was just thinking that too and they used to have a home here before , which was sold by the family due to financial reasons.
After about 3 hours Riya called apologetically saying she can't make it and sorry for keeping them waiting. It didn't feel like much of a wait for them though.
He dropped her home that night on his bike . " Nice time " she said . " Nice time " he said and flaunted that heart warming smile . 

One year back.

"See Arush I can't do this anymore. We should tell Riya about us " 
" But why ? It's not like I'm cheating on her. We broke up 3 months ago " he reasoned
" Hmmm. But I'd still want her to know "
" Relax Baby she will when it's the right time"

Around 5 months ago 

" How could you ?" yelled Riya. 
" You were my best friend. I trusted you. You knew i loved him . How can you do this to me ? "  
Tears had started forming in Riya's eyes. Poo couldn't understand what to do ..she uttered a weak apology.
Riya went on " I can't believe a guy was more important to you than our friendship and above it all you lied to me . I hate liars and you know that " 
" I'm sorry " Poo was crying too. She had been feeling guilty for months . She loved Arush too . They had a connection she had never felt with anyone . Riya got upset about every break up she had and she had so many she thought. Poo was feeling bad about thinking so too. 
" Promise me . Promise me you will stop speaking to him to save our friendship " Riya said 
Poo loved Riya . They were friends for 17 years now . " I promise "
They hugged and spent the day together talking and crying and forgiving and apologizing for everything. They were best friends again .

The next day 

 It's over Arush . I'm sorry I've promised Riya. I always told you we should have told her. I'm sorry let me go . - text delivered-

Arush frantically called Poo . How could she breakup with him and say they'll never be speaking again over text. Over TEXT. Is this how much it meant to her . 
She didnt answer . Not that day ..not the day after that , not months after that until..


Arush had finished his bottle of vodka. His liver could take no more. He wanted to scream but he didn't have the energy.I'm going to love you till i die he said ...

To Be Continued........



  1. Girl... just put down your pen & let it flow some more.... gud one & interesting i must say.....

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