Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hello New Year !

Okay i'm literally peer pressurized into writing a new year post . The number of new year posts I've read over the week . It makes me think how we all go through the same struggles , its funny isn't it , and that way we are all different and yet just the same .
   This year I felt myself grow in the real sense. I can safely say I'm a better person than I was this day last year. I'm more secure. I'm a hugger now =) . I'm the treat me right , and i'll love you more than my life person now .
I'm the smiling all the time person now . I'm the let it go person now . I'm the taking the risks person now .
  What a year it has been :D Broken friendships , tears , jealousy , insecurities , fights , anger but life's a circle there was also academic success , new friendships , new loves , new interests , new people , new environment , being loved by people who are never going to leave , security of family ties and the love for new beginnings :D
 Every year does something for me and i personally love the thrill of waiting and anticipating what the next year is going to bring . Its like an adrenaline rush. This year I did things i wasn't proud off , I let a few people walk over me but i don't regret those things . Love someone with all your heart and nothing else =)
Sometimes you may give something your all but people leave and its okay don't break yourself trying to find out where they are going and why .
 This year has a lot of happy memories , a lot of times when i said shit I've never done this before . I did alot of CRAZY things :P and yes i had a blast . I don't have much to say because if i get into the details this post will never end . So i go to my new year's party , its not much of a party just a quite family dinner for me this year =) 


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