Friday, 23 December 2011

Two Fates - Book Review

 This is one book that is going to leave you with a goofy grin on your face. I started reading it after a long day at work and believe me i just couldn't put it down and was satisfied only after i flipped the last page.
  You can call it a continuation of Chetan Bhagat's Two States ( Hence the similar sounding name i'm guessing ) Punjabi boy and Tamil girl fall in love , get married against the parents wishes by using various tactics then what ? Happily ever after ..well not so easily.
     Deepika and Rishab are the perfect couple in the family so what happens when they want a divorce , how do they break it to the family that the marriage they once wanted so badly is not what they want anymore especially after the two families fall in love with each other. When you're married to your bestfriend how easy or difficult to things get.? How do you shatter the image of perfect couple in the eyes of almost everyone around you and find what you really want.?
   Some parts are really cute and Rishab's charectar is awesomely written . I can actually picture his smile through Judy's words ..thats's what a good book is about anyway right :D. The cultural digs are hilarious but the climax scene totally steals the show and makes you go awwww. 
  This book is going to make " India read " :P :D  . Do not forget to pick your copy ASAP :D

Ps : The author of this book Judy is also an amazing blogger , you can go see here blog here 
     I absolutely LOVE her blog so i just had to read this book .Waiting for the next =)


  1. I so wanted tor ead this but Blogadda did not send it to me :( .. awww .. but I liked the review.. quite nice :)

  2. i didn't get it either..bought it myself :p

  3. i picked my copy Nirali :) THanks for the review