Saturday, 10 December 2011

Such a noob !

Firstly let me tell you i love Decembers i just do but this year totally sucked and this month is no exception !!
BIG BANG THEORY is also on a winter break whatever that means ..could it get worse ? 
Yeah a lot worse but that's not what i want to discuss today ..let's talk about happy things *looks around for inspiration* ...Nothing :(
   This seems like such a pointless post :S but its my blog one reads it anyway moving on the internship / job / donkey work that is my articles is turning out to be really dull and boring not my thing..don't ask what my thing is i really don't know yet ..i can tell you what its not :

  • auditing accounts , scrutinizing ledgers asking intelligent questions
  • raising queries 
  • filing e-returns , using a digital signature and feeling all smart
  • visiting the babu at the income tax office and making him happy
  • planning someone's tax
  • raising eyebrows at people's lack of organisation and accounting knowledge ..BLAH RIGHT ? RIGHT ?
who could ever enjoy this ? When i picture things i just skip to the happy parts ..the fun parts which leads to big time WHAT THE FHAKS later :P
 I don't feel like getting up each day and going to work , i don't feel like doing this shit ..but i'm stuck here cause a simple BCOM degree without CA is not even going to fetch me peanuts..but i don't want the money . I'd need it but I don't want it ..I'd rather be a pony trainer :P
And you know what I'm missing a few people in my life right now ..missing as in not missing in the remembrance sort of way ..missing in the i don't really have anyone sort of way..but this to shall pass right (: 
  I feel lonely so i cry sometimes ..I need some sort of secure feeling ..its just missing . 
  I don't really know how to distract myself also ..cause ze job kinda sucks so i put my phone off for hours so that i don't call or text someone who doesn't want to hear from me . I want a grizzly bear hug.
Okay this is getting really sad ..but i just have one small question why aren't all the people i would die for and i was always there for not here for me ? *genuine doubt*
  Something inside me breaks a little everyday but its going to be okay ...because when all the bad things are done with only good things can happen (: 
   I'm going to laugh and love and smile again . Pinky promise to self :D 

PS : Grammar nazi's please fuck off ..i just needed to say these things to myself  >_<

I love you as much as i love pizza and that's ALOT please be back shooooon :D 
My blogposts are deteriorating in size , frequency and matter apologies ..i promise to be back shooon too ( again a promise to myself ..don't read this :X) 


  1. I visit your blog! keep writing!

    *visiting the babu at the income tax office and making him happy*
    Tell me more~!
    Does the babu go " tu ladki hai badi boombaat" after you are done making him happy? ;) ;)

  2. you are really spookie :P what's with the anonymous following :x
    no he does not say that hmmmph !

  3. Nice blog - and I'm not telling you, I'm telling xyzandme :P

  4. So tell him that on his blog :x ! :P
    I don't welcome praise for other people over here :P