Saturday, 22 December 2012

Shave or Crave !

 You just make a poor man go crazy thinking "What went wrong?" when everything is right by the night yet he cant score.
Don't we all have our stories about the evening stubble. In the perfect moment when he's whispering sweet nothings in your ear and you're basking in the awesome feeling of his lips so near you, you suddenly pull away cause that wretched little rough hair of his annoyed you and killed the mood. 
Or the guy you met at a friend's party, you two totally hit it off, he also smelt great (Win)  and yet the short hair on his face, was annoying you a little and you decided to stick to your drink instead and leave him alone wondering why the conversation ended so abruptly.

Just when you were about to give him a peck on the cheek after a tired day at work and his stubble made you cringe and change your mind.  Happens to me all the time. Almost everyday you can hear me tell " Why don't you shave?"  and he frustratingly says " Well I did, in the morning!" and I snap back with a "If I can do my eyebrows twice a month , you can shave twice a day" and that my friends is the end of romance forever. 

A wise man once said "Don't let a woman decide what your beard looks like unless she is intending to put her face on it anytime soon" ;)And that is exactly what wants me to make him crave till he gets rid of his out of bed and unkempt look. Its not sexy anymore, clean & neat shave is the new sexy. If we can go through the excruciating pain of waxing and getting rid of the hair from various places, so can they so often well so can they. When will men understand it turns us off. 

Besides its not even manly anymore. For god sakes, men get pedicures these days so getting rid of the stubble is no biggy right?  To make him crave I usually pretend to have a dramatic headache and sulk in my bed with a book until he gets the hint and decides to get rid of his "George Clooney look" (Well everyone lives in a bubble). Women play their games and no they are not fair, but what the hell right?  Also I have to admit I love the smell of aftershave and the feel of his skin after the smooth look.

If nothing else I try the formula that never fails, the epic "Silent Treatment". You might think that why would that help, men love it when we are quite. Wrong. They feel they have done something so wrong this time that you have just decided to give up on them instead of  discussing nagging about it. 100 % tried and tested formula. Give him the silent treatment and watch him become the genie to all your wishes.

So I officially hate the evening stubble, and here I am blogging about it from the Sukho Thai Spa, after having a truly refreshing time with fellow bloggers and the lovely people at Blogadda.  

So take part here cause there are REALLY BIG PRIZES TO BE WON, while I go and force my boyfriend to read this and let him know that he doesn't look like George Clooney ( yeah i'll have to pay for saying long as the stubble is gone)


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  1. :| Grrrrrr... Nice post and welcome back the signature style of blublubling's writing skill.. Had been missing it.. :) nice work.. But other than that... Grrrrrr :|

  2. the infamous dramatic headache! never fails!

    heres my story :