Tuesday, 12 July 2011

A cake walk :)

Ok for the many other's like me who have never entered the kitchen here is a simple recipe for cake making that i learned from a friend ...it's so simple and uses stranger ingredients and its tastes fab so here it goes >

What you'll need ?
2 hide n seek packets
1 parle g packet
half cup of sugar 
Eno ( yes Eno ..bu the normal tasteless one - the blue packet ..its the substitute for baking powder )
And a mould of your favourite shape
Milk ( about one glass )

How to make it ?
You just put the biscuits and sugar and eno in one mix and put it in the mixer until it becomes a fine mix of flowy powder and then you add the milk so as to give a little semi - solid form and when it becomes like a batter u put in the mould and keep the mould in a cooker ( haven't tried it in the oven don't know if it would work ) but you dont put water in the cooker ..and dont seal it .like one would normally do ..just put a plate over the mould so as to let a little steam pass and yet not lead to a blast !

PS : The mould should be buttered from all sides so as to make it easy for us to remove the cake from it once its ready 

It take about 20 - 30 minutes depending upon the flame intensity and the size of your cake ..

Experienced Tip : You can also add chocolate in the batter - or use some melted chocolate to cover the cake once its ready so that it tastes like a brownie :D Garnish with M n M's and Gems :D

Not bad right :D this was when i had made it the first time :D for my friend Ketki's B'day ..Try it :)


  1. Yummm! Will be trying it soon :) Thanks for sharing

  2. your most welcome ..keep reading :)

  3. Whoa! Yummm!! :) i shall try it sooon.. :D

  4. looks yummy :)