Friday, 29 July 2011

I fall and fall but i also learn ........ :)

It's been a while because i've been busy you know learning things ...growing up ..feeling more matured and well yes profound ! A  few things i learnt recently :

People are going to leave no matter what 
Yes i was naive enough to think that some people will be with you forever ..but no things don't work that way ..people will leave and you have to accept it might be close and they might mean the world to you but things will CHANGE ( i hate change )..but you have to get used to it and let people who chose not to leave see your amazing smile :D

After things get really really really BAD they can only get better 
When you go higher and higher and higher and the only way next is to go down ..( it works the other way to you go lower lower lower and BAM..rock bottom after that you can only rise up )
Once you've had your worst days feel so excited cause the happiest days are on its way :)
" The best way to get through hell is to keep going "

Others go through worse everyday
While you whine and get depressed over a broken relationship ..and friend issues and silly failures there are others in the world who go through worse each your not a sadist to get pleasure out of someone else's miseries but yeah when you see the troubles of others it usually makes your problems seem really silly.
This reminds of a beautiful quote i read :
" Sometimes in life we feel so blue, but someone somewhere is not happy as you.somewhere far at the border when a soldier sleeps, missing his loved ones he silently weeps. somewhere a mother painfully sighs coz, her new born baby didnt open her eyes. somewhere a poor dad silently cries, when he sees his son begging for a bowl of rice. somewhere in an orphanage a little gal is sad, when she misses her mom nd dad. so at times a reason to smile you may not have any, say to yourself that you are happier than many. ''cause life is beautiful and its not always blue, and someone somewhere is not as happy as you......there is no way for happiness, HAPPINESS is the way. "

People will love you for exactly who you are so never try and be someone else 
As hard as it might be to believe at times ..there are people who love you for exactly who you are ...and they would not have you any other way :D
Don't give ANYBODY the power to put you down . The key of your happiness should be in your pocket and not in someone else's :)

Respect yourself Or no one else will either 
If you don't respect yourself and don't do what's right for you no one else is going to respect you either take charge of your life and love yourself before you love someone else :) ..and know the difference between dignity and desperation O:) 

AND THROUGH IT ALL KEEP SMILING :D :) aaaah positivity FINALLY *dances* 

BTW this ad for cheddar cheese its awesomely cute :D 


  1. A beautiful thought provoking post! :)

  2. Sweet, meditative post.
    *Thumps up*

  3. hey. :)

    if i cud just add on those realizations. anyone i will take the dare :P

    so i agree with all but the one. the fourth one.

    don't be yourself with everyone. filter. lemme give u a simple example.

    snake. baby. boss. best friend. stalker.

    with a snake you freaking run and dont look back.
    baby: i dont know what u do, but i run :P
    boss: yes sir attire.
    best friend: thats when u r u. the true u.
    stalker: kick his arse :P

    so be u withe the people who will appreciate it :)


  4. Thankyou Viya and hamza

    And Raj point accepted :) thankyou for reading and giving your feedback !

  5. I wanted to write something similar for a long time!
    Well written! I will just link this post in my blog.
    I am a lazy bum anyways :p

  6. hmm.. i like this place.. smells positivity, talks life and has a dark backdrop..


  7. @xyzandme - thankyou :D drop me a link in my comments if you do post it

    @aakash - thanks :D welcome to my blog !