Monday, 18 July 2011


You know when one has those days when just about everything goes wrong and you want to beat the daylights out of anyone you see :) Yeah i had mine today and it was awesome ( please sense the sarcasm )
  Starts with a normal morning i can't wake up so don't end up going to college ..instead sleep till noon and finally wake up when there is no electricity in the house ..and no it wasn't a power cut or load shedding or anything of that sort which one can't control was just a random power cut that happened only in my house :|
  This was only the beginning and then my phone the great BLACKBERRY decides to piss me off more stops working ..stops opening texts and sending ..stops reading the memory card or opening the contacts or even making calls for that matter :D 
   So to get away from the heat and in a quest to solve my own problems on my own i go to the repair centre after searching for the phone bill for half an hour and as soon as i pay 40 rupees and get down from the rickshaw    - my phone magically decides to get fixed :) cool isn't it .maybe it was feeling the heat to ..Feeling a little annoyed but happy that  my phone was atleast working i look for a rickshaw to take me home ..but life has its mysteriously annoying obviously no one wants to take me home ..and it starts to pour ..yes obviously i didnt bother to get the umbrella ( in my defense it wasn't raining when i left home ) So 20 mins later i finally find a auto and get home hoping to eat some lunch NOW ( btw its already 3.30 in the afternoon and i'm starvinggggggggggg )
 But no we are having a bad day remember mom wants to see the movie i've already seen and the Awesome daughter that i am,  i go again to give her company and skip lunch and no i refuse to eat popcorn at the theater cause 
a ) its criminal to pay so much for popped corn :| and
 b) that's all i ate for a two days and i'm sick of it anyway the movie was awesome ( but no this doesn't count as a good thing cause i already saw it )
  Moving on the movie is over and we start walking back cause obviously there is no rickshaw :D ( i'm going to shoot all the rickshaw drivers one day O:) ) So we go to this mall for grocery shopping since we walked it anyway and its on the way home ..this is like a big store so they also have clothes ( well mostly tacky clothes )..but i like one thing just one thing in the shop but that's the only thing they don't have in my size :) 
PS : Meanwhile my phone has gone off again :D
Finally i get home obviously after another struggle for the auto .!
I might also add meanwhile my bestfriend or whatever thinks he needs space from me and doesn't like seeing me anymore :)
And my other friends are sucked in by the black hole :D Who says life's hard ! :D


  1. Yeah who says life's hard? LOL
    awesome post and awesome blog and awesome youuuu. :]

  2. Hahaha, Funny post.

    * Siblings rush to HBL to check if he's alright, because laughing while sitting alone is not a very good sign*


  3. reading this, makes me feel funny for one of my lesser bad days... :P

  4. hahah thankyou Hamza and Manu :D :P

    Everyone has those days !

  5. Hehe.. that wasn't too hard.. was it? :P
    Well, now I partly see how you learned the principles of life you mentioned in your next post :D