Monday, 11 July 2011

Cause goodbyes are difficult ...!

The moment when you know something you loved and cherished with all your heart is the most painful moment ever ...As 15th july gets closer I'm happy and just pathetically sad's the end of one of the most happiest memories of my childhood ! Finally Harry is going to kill Voldemort and good is going to triumph over evil ..
  I remember when i read the first book of the series i didn't read it for quite sometime..atleast not when it had started becoming a rage was first published in 1999 and i read it in 2001 ..better late than never :)
   Every book you read after harry potter doesn't even come close to what you felt when you were reading about harry and his friends ..J.K.Rowling has changed my childhood is an understatement ..the day i read the last page of the Deadly Hallows i couldn't believe it was ending ..i actually cried could it end ..couldn't there be a few more pages ..infact i didn't read the end for quite sometime after i knew there were only a few pages left ...Denial !
  Harry Potter made me imagine things i never knew i could made me feel emotions i never knew i had ...i was present at my favourite bookstore on the day of the release of the Deadly Hallows how could i wait ( the impatient me ) It surprises and actually angers me when people say they don't like harry potter or they haven't read it ..then after a moment i just smile to myself cause they haven't experienced the magic that the million fans and I have ..Each new book keeps you hooked and makes you fall in love with the story even more ..Personally my favorite is the Order of The Phoenix ..i love the Weasley brothers - Fred and George and the amusing professor Umbridge !
 Then came the movies was like when your parents gave you a lollypop after your icecream got over to keep you quite for awhile :P ...but now its the last movie ..and its time to say goodbye all over again and maybe for good this time ..unless someone decides to remake the movies of J.K.Rowling writes a prequel ..
 Any which ways i'm still excited and upset but as i have already mentioned my love for lists here's one of my favorite Harry Potter moments :) ( Books and movies both )
Ps : They are not in order
  • The time when Hagrid comes to take Harry from his uncle's house ..the first touch of magic :)
  • Dobby's death ..sad but beautiful ( just saw the movie today AGAIN )
  • The competition - the one with the underwater task :)
  • The Pensieve moment when Dumbledore shows Harry Voldemort's childhood memories 
  • The wizard chess - Ron was adorable
  • The scene where they showed the Weasley's Shop ...i couldn't wait for the movie just to watch how they would capture that
  • The prophecy scene and the duel that followed
  • The one with the 7 harrys in the Deadly Hallows
  • The Dance in the goblet of fire
  • The final duel with voldemort
  • When Dumbledore and Harry go to find the locket 
  • The scene with the Sorting Hat ( my absolute favorite )
There are so many more i can't  possibly write all ..but these are the books i know i'll want my kids to read that they have their fantasies too and have a conversation topic about how the books were passed on to them from their mom and how amazing they were :P 
Ciao :)

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