Thursday, 1 September 2011

The First Times - Part 1

Anything that one does for the first time , or the first of every experience is so vivid and clear in our memory , special in so many ways could be anything your first love , first job , first day at school / college ? Anything. The novelty of the first time is unbeatable. So why this post ?

  Well every girl has this one blue eyed boy she fell in love with , her first love , the first man who broke her heart ..the first :) This is the story of mine.

    There he was with his ruffled hair and soccer player looks ..people looked at him wherever he went ..Mr popular at school with an accent that made all the girls blush. How did i fall for the stereotype ? No clue . No it wasn't like the movies , which movie ? Well there are only who types of movies 
  • Type 1 - Girl loves boy but boy is blissfully unaware of the girl's existence in the world and suddenly massive makeover and a kiss below the mistletoe
  • Type 2 - Girl and boy are bestfriends ..boy looks for his perfect girl everywhere except right next to him eventually fall in love - kiss under the mistletoe
( Remember to throw in other slutty sidekicks who are also behind the boy in each type :P )

My story was neither we were not best friends ..and yes he did know i existed ..we were friends, good one's at that ..he sat beside me in class all throughout 8th grade ..i don't remember breathing at all that year ..he would just take my breath away ( Hey bhagooo so cheesy :P but its true )..the friendship continued i secretly checked our zodiac compatibility and Flames :P We were perfect :P I would feel him enter the class because of the strong smell of his awesome perfume :D *heart melt* We could chit chat for hours about anything under the sun . We shared stories. He made me laugh and we also fought alot and drove each other crazy.
 So yeah life was beautiful , birds were chirping and you know happiness and all that ...but then he went ahead and asked his long time high school love out  ..and i came to know only after he had done so  ..was a surprise for me  apparently ..and a surprise it was. Our zodiacs matched :O :( ..And that was my first heartbreak .
   I cried the whole night that day..and missed school for the next two days ...didn't speak to him for a week and then when he started asking questions *heart melt* i pretended like it wasn't bothering me . I loved him all throughout school and when i went to college he was there too O:) i was sooo happy about it ..but we lost touch even after so many years of friendship we kinda drifted apart ! From sitting next to each other for 3 years in school we went to a mere greeting in the college canteen . Am i over him ? Ofcourse . But when i see him in the college corridors and meet him outside somewhere by accident my heart still skips a beat ..i still remember the smell of his perfume and it still brings a smile to my face ...When he waves at me from across the street i want to dance and when he's gone after speaking to me briefly i hope i was looking my best and didn't say something stupid :P And that my friends is  the magic of Firsts ...and the  first love is always special.
Ps : The high school love and him have broken up and he's hot and available but i don't want to ruin the memory by falling for him again ! My first love ! Someday I'll marry him - a girl is allowed to dream ok :P

Note to self : Next time I'll tell you'll how the first job is going so lets call this " The First Times - Part 1 " :D


  1. Yay, the girl is all grown up now, grown up to let things of past slip by as good humour rather than holding on to the frayed fabrics of time.

    I'll look forward towards the first job's experience :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Its good to see you being lighthearted about the whole thing, instead of moping :) Good one! :) :)

  3. :) I can spend a life listening to other people's love stories, their crushes.. Thoroughly enjoyed the post but I have to admit it does take courage to speak out your own story, to speak your heart out. Hope your dream boy catches upon the mistake soon. :)


  4. thank you everyone :D

    @blasphemous Aesthete - Yay ! Your first comment on my blog ..i see your comments on a lot of blogs first one on mine ..thankyou

    @sushmit - welcome to my blog :D

    @aakash - thanks :D