Tuesday, 20 September 2011


You know we all have our theories. Okay I have theories ALOT of them .But they all are so not true and not universally accepted it angers me :P.
I'm awesome that way i stick by my theories and think they work just fine but they dont . :|

Theory # 1 - Cold kills Cold
Just for the record no it doesn't it just makes you more sick and leaves you with a sore throat the next day. So eating ice cream when you have a running nose BAD IDEA ..eating ice cubes ..well you asked for it *cough*

Theory # 2 - When you love someone let them go  let them know.
Another Bad idea ..when you tell someone you love them it only makes you so vulnerable to everything they do , they say and they have this crazy power over you. So if you love someone maybe you could tell your diary about it ..but don't tell that person ..cause one day you'll cry and they'll leave you helpless knowing you'd die for them.

Theory # 3 - Sometimes it doesn't matter who makes the effort .
It does ..it matters who makes the effort ..if you are the one clinging to something over and over and only you are making every effort to make things right ..STOP and think will i respect myself 10 years from now. Is that person worth your self respect ..the answer probably is NO :)

Theory # 4 - Sweet talk gets you nowhere being genuine does .
* Nods head* Not at all ..sweet talk and some white lies gets you everywhere ..from cutting the line in the supermarket to making your way out of office before its time to leave, a fake smile and some flattery takes you miles :)

Theory # 5 - Don't chase them replace them .
Biggest fail so far :| I always find myself chasing rather than replacing because firstly its not easy and secondly i just don't want to . I always believe in making something I already have better than starting something new . Bad idea ? Yes , VERY bad idea . One day you'll be tired of chasing , it will be too late to replace and you'll hate yourself. So don't use this theory either :S

I'm actually bored of this post and its taxing my brain but i have made some random promise to myself to stop writing to many drafts so I'm sorry but you just read some real crap :P