Monday, 5 September 2011

Me - Version 2.0

Remember the transition i was talking about here well it has been made :D
Is it soon ? Or too late i don't know ..i'm a new person now and i did this all by myself because I wanted to .
From now on I live to please no one. I already feel like a better person. I feel like I just got out of some trap. I have a good job , amazing parents and a fabulous life waiting just around the corner i just can't see it yet :)

  • Music is not noise anymore 
  • I don't want to be surrounded by quite anymore I want noise - the noise of good people 
  • I have successfully removed trash / drama out of my life and I'm not going to feel bad about it 
  • My blog is going to reek of postivity even if it annoys my readers beyond a point ( Ok THIS is not a promise :P I will rant SOMETIMES :P )
  • I'm going to be a open minded person - meet new people and trust again 
  • And all those who didn't treat me right well YOUR LOSS :D
  • All the advice i give to people - it's time to start applying it for myself now 
  • I'm going to be happy now :)
So here's presenting ME - VERSION 2.0 *drumroll*
So i want to call this day my new HAPPY BIRTHDAY :D YAY !!!! Sept 4th is officially my second happy birthday :P ( the transition happened yesterday so technically ) 

Since its Monday i was planning to do a music monday post but the whole universe knows my PLANS don't exactly workout but here is a song which is just stuck in my head for no good reason but the good thing is its not that bad :D

And oh also one of my favorite bloggers recently published this post that explained what i feel so well that it was almost like i wrote it :D So i'm going to copy paste it here and consider it a guest post and link you'll to her amazing blog :D

i quote :
"When I look back, I see this girl trying so hard to fit in. I see her glasses and her frizzy hair and the pinafore of her school uniform always slipping off one shoulder. I remember her frowning all the time. I want to tell her to get rid of her glasses and not try so hard. I want to tell her to smile a little.
When I look back, I see her cursing the Man Upstairs for her dimples on her chin instead of the conventional ones. I want to tell her that everyone else simply has them in the wrong place. Even the nursery rhyme says 'Rosy lips, dimpled CHIN'. Not cheeks, chin.
When I look back, I see her trying so hard to be good in the kitchen. I want to tell her that all she'll ever be able to successfully produce in that room is burnt Maggi and that it doesn't matter.
When I look back, I want to tell her to not depend on people too much. I want to tell her that it's okay to die for them, if the need arises; however, it's not okay to live for them.
And I want to tell her to never give up on love and ice cream, not necessarily in the same order.
When I look back, I see her talking too much too soon. I want to tell her not to be emotionally slutty.
I see her wanting to be friends with an ex. I want to tell her that Samantha Jones from The Sex And The City was absolutely right when she said, 'Of course there's always a contest with an ex. It's called who will die miserable'.
When I look back and see her worrying herself silly because she's not as pretty as that girl with the caramel skin or maybe not as witty as that girl who tells the best stories, I want to tell her that there are some women who exist just to make the rest of us feel bad about ourselves.

I want to tell her that a lot of things are going to be like the blue walls in her room. They'll sound better than they look.

This is written by Isha at Chaai , Paani , Etc. Isha you're awesome :D