Sunday, 4 September 2011

The type of days :|

The type of days i'm having :

  • I want to break my phone so that nobody can contact me and just leave me alone and i don't succumb to the urges of talking to anyone 
  • I want to forget everyone who exists in my life and start new with new people ( yeah i'm sure people do that all the time ..right ? it's normal :S )
  • I want to smoke up my worries and issues 
  • I want just be quite and not have to speak to anyone or go to work or not want to keep trying for useless things ( read people )
  • When i listen to music it seems like noise and i just end up putting it off.
  • I want to just not hurt anymore and embrace the changes taking place for me but i can't.
  • I don't want to wake with the realisation  that most of the happy things in my mind were only dreams.
  • When I don't like being left alone with someone i make sure there is a third person around so that i don't have to make conversation.

The type of days i want to have :
  • Days when i'm so happy i'm goofily smiling all the time
  • Days when my music shuffle plays happy songs on its own accord 
  • Days when I feel like I'm important in someone's life and i feel like having a good time
  • Day's when i work alot and then have a peaceful sleep in the night 
  • Days when i'm smiling without having to try
  • Days when i meet new people and feel warmed by it
  • Days when i start liking rain again
  • Days when i see the happy things in the worst circumstances 
  • Days when  i'm in a good mood :D
  • Days when meeting people makes me smile and not irritates me
  • Days when i can relax and not think.
Ps : I wanted to make this pic ^ the header for my blog but its too small :( but its still cute :D

Note to self : Its not that bad it never is i only have to get from what i have to what i want - its never too difficult for me anyway cause i'm awesome :P *self hug* ( if thats possible )

No clue why i'm posting this ..but a little birdie told me humans dwell on  miseries ..they want to know things are wrong in other people's lives to feel good about theirs so here it is for someone else to feel better u dear sadist !


  1. Tragedy often leads to good humor :)
    I hope you discover a short cut for the needed transition, very soon


  2. I've had that music turning into noise many times myself. At that time, quiet is music to me.

    Blasphemous Aesthete