Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Techie or Foodie?

The last time I went for an indiblogger meet , I didn't really get the chance to blog about it due to work and all that. But this time I just couldn't resist sharing my experience of the awesome Sunday , spent with so many nice people mainly because there is a prize, it was SO much fun .
  The ever charming , Vikas Khanna and Rajiv Makhani were the hosts for the evening and it was one hell of a night. The question of the evening was Techi or Foodie ? With the Masterchef and Gadget Guru in the house there were bound to be fireworks.
Indiblogger always has these amazing memorable meets and something new to offer every single time . This time with Nokia partnering with Indiblogger , the event was bound to be grand. With about 250 bloggers attending the meet it had to be about " Connecting People " . The food and wine along with the energetic vibe didn't hurt at all.
  As I walked into the event , a little nervous and a little perplexed about getting bored. I see the grand venue and Nokia's blue carpet , welcoming us . The ambiance was brilliant. ( location : Taj Lands End-Mumbai) This time the meet was all about having fun with Apps , Nokia Apptasting was held at many cities earlier and this time in Mumbai it was like a celebration . Celebration of us bloggers :D Rajiv and Vikas , showed us many of the newest Apps in the Nokia OviStore. My favourite and cutest App was easily the Charlie Chaplin movie App , It just makes a movie for you within seconds. ( Plus Vikas Khanna did a real cute yet awkward ramp walk :P ) Also the which wine goes with which food App was brilliant. I never try wine cause I don't know what to order. So this App is truly a blessing. 

  Besides AppTasting there were contests and Onion cutting sessions , Vikas taught the crowd how to cut onions with a new technique and many people embarrassed themselves when they tried it themselves. Prizes were given away for witty lines and introductions , contests and games , Nokia was pretty generous that way. While grilled fish and white wine was being had I suddenly felt my hand go up , to go on stage and make a fool of myself for 30 straight minutes.:P

 The cute Ramp walk I spoke about >

 Vikas and Rajiv quizzed four teams with Techie and Foodie questions , and the outcome was embarrassing and in my defense the Foodie questions were really difficult. From the national soup of India ? to in which state of India is the Halwa City ? Me and my team mate were bound to lose terribly until ofcourse the savior of all rounds , the Fourth round of the quiz was the famous Masterchef challenge where I was blindfolded and made to drink a soup while my partner was asked to write down the ingredients I could identify from it. . This magical round got us from the shamefully low score to the third position. I guessed 6 ingredients of the 9. Not bad at all . Right? The first team won a Nokia Lumia :O More than the winning it was an awesome experience :) Rajiv and Vikas are funny , witty and hot !! very charming :)

The contest was followed by a scrumptious dinner and an open bar ;) . The chocolate mousse was to die for. But the night was truly amazing , we also got our person Indiblogger Tshirts :D.
Me and a few friends also connected with Poonam Kaul ( Nokia - Director Communications). She shared her very cool visiting card with us ( Nokia employees have cool cards :O ). She was very sweet and asked us to be in touch.

 ^ On the stage while the other team danced for two extra points :P

 These Guys won the Lumia ^ :D

Indiblogger turns 5 :D The Cake was YUMM *slurp slurp* >

The Lucky maskot of Indiblogger events ( Anup of Indiblogger's baby :D )

Vikas Oh so CUTE Khanna :D

Pictures of me with my friends who are also Bloggers :D

Also what is the procedure for getting to marry a hybrid of these two awesome men ? One can make you laugh and one cooks awesome food . What more can a girl ask for :P
   Waiting for another Indiblogger meet in mumbai soon. :)
It was great to connect with the amazing bloggers who blog about various things, from food to fashion , to technology . There is so much talent out there :)

PS : You can read about the experience of the other bloggers here 
PPS: Nokia is coming up with the " Your Wish is Our App" Contest , So if you ever dreamed of a App which you would like to download , here is your chance to get it made for you.


  1. Oh yes, the questions were googlies...and as Rajiv said....we were thanking our stars indeed. But you guys did do a fab job overall. Well done.

    1. Thank you Blogwati Geee :D How sweet of you to drop by and leave a comment it is always a blast to meet you at the meets :D

  2. Looks like you went to a picnic and had loads of fun, sounds exciting.

    1. Hahha yeah it was a lot of fun =D . Too bad Germany doesn't have blogger meets :P

  3. omg!!! i cant believe i missed this one.. damn!

  4. A slight correction ....:-) I think the lucky mascot is Edina Johnson, daughter of Anup Johnson, the main Indiblogger Compere ....

  5. Indiblogger meet ? This is so coool! :D

  6. I wish they did that kind of thing where I am!

    1. where are you from ? Hope they do , blogger meets are fun :D