Thursday, 9 February 2012


Dadaaa :* :D I normally call him papa but when i feel the excessive love overdose its dadaaaa :D Its my daddy strongest's 50th birthday . So this little letter for him .

Dear Paa, 

Happy 50th Birthday. You know all the times you want me to say 'I love you' but I don't cause I'm not expressive that way . Here it is , for all those times.
I love you for being the first man in my life.
I love you when you check on me in the night when you think i'm actually sleeping.
I love you when you're randomly in a good mood and we go for icecream.
I love you when you drive so well it makes me feel safe.

I love you when you read my blog secretly because I don't let you read it otherwise. ( I know you are going to read this , so don't make me awkward by letting me know )
I love you when you when you try to teach me new things .
I love you when you protectively say "no" for everything and then just give in.
I love you when you ask about my day.
I love you when you remember which exam I have.
I love you when you try to be funny and fail.
I love you when you try to be cool dad and ask me about my friends.
I love you when you work so hard , so that I can buy expensive clothes.
I love you when you give me things without me ever asking.
I love you when you cook.
I love you when you call when I'm out too late.
I love you when you let me dream big.
I love you when you appreciate what I do.
I love you when you can't wake me up when I sleep so peacefully.

I love you when you get worried for me.
I love you when you sing so horribly.
I love you when you try to take extra care of me when Mom's not around.
I love you when you love Mom.
I love you when you never have to think twice when doing something for me.

I love you when you say you love me more than anyone
and I love you I love you more than anything when you say you miss me, and wish I was three again so that we could spend all day together

Love Me :)

  ME & PAA

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  1. That was SOOOOOOOO cute!You gave such a fresh twist to the picture!We Anglo-sexican writers write so much about dysfunctional relationships,drug abuse,loneliness and untied strings that we tend to ignore such simple,innocent pleasures of life at times.I didn't have a very good day but your post made me so happy!Not 'fifteen shots high' happy,but 'just watched my favorite cartoon' happy.I'll write something similar very soon,but after Fantabulous February though.I was inspired,to say the least!

    1. Awww :D I'm glad my post made you a little happy :) Thank you for reading and liking it so much. Long comments from people like you make my day :D

      Happy February to you , may all the darkness turn into sunshine very soon . Love :)

  2. I love my dad every time he pats me gently on the head and tells me that though I've grown up, I'm still her little girl. Cheers to all the loving daddies in the world. :)

  3. sooo cute and adorable :)
    great post.. just loved it

  4. the awesomeness of wishing your dad :)
    well done girlie

  5. That was SOOOOOO adorable. More power to you and a Happy Birthday to your Dad :)

  6. awwww......:):)He'll be so proud of you!!:)Happy Birthday to him:) May the beautiful moments be there to last....
    I wrote one post for my dad as well:) here's it:

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you Aakriti :D :D
      Read it , it was beautiful :)