Thursday, 23 February 2012

Happy Six Months To Me :*

Every single day I go to office since the past six months and pretend I'm enjoying what I do , not for anyone else but me , to keep doing it happily . But guess what BREAKING NEWS. I don't enjoy what I'm doing and I rather be doing something more productive , not that this isn't in some lame way but I wish I was doing something better. So one of these days when the drama failed THIS happened . Heavy ranting ahead. 
( On gtalk with another CA friend)me: i'm waiting
  ki exam kab chalu ho and uss bahane toh chutti mile.
UdanKhatola: Hahaha
  wait nai kiya exam ka
  fuckall bana di hai life meri
  chartered accountant !!!
  mujhe karna hi nai hai
  jaane do be
 UdanKhatola: Haahahaha
 me: sachi don't laugh
  i don't carehow much tax you have to pay
  and whether you deducted tds at the correct rate. I don't care if your processes are in orderand if you are showing all your income and making all the diclosure , Menu ki man .
  I really dont care
  chahiye toh main bharti hoon tera tax
  mujhe maaf kar par
                   main roz dream karti hoon
  ki maine sir ko mera
  resignation letter 
  thama diya
  and he says
  " i knew it BluBluBling, you didn't have it in you " ( It would be hilarious if he said Blublubling :P )
                     I don't have it in me
UdanKhatola: Hahahahahaa
 me: to be a chartered
  i'm made for better things
 UdanKhatola: Hahahheheehhe
                   me: has rahi hai
  i am frustrated
 UdanKhatola: Same state hai nah mera bhi
 me: I'm emotionally frustrated &
  professionally frustated
  continously tick tick tick chalta rehta hai dimag main thinking of something or the otherI don't remember the last time I was blank and nothing was crossing my mind.
  Sometimes I feel brain main koi nerve phat gayi tohMain toh gayi na . Par padi hai kisiko?I want a day when I have " NOTHING " written in block letters on my to-do listMid life crisis I'm having and I'm not even 20 *panics*UdanKhatola : hahahahahhhame : Stop laughing Roz sochti hoon chalo aaj band hi karte haiShift hojate hai BANGALORE dude , mast thandi city haiSo jaate hai log 10 bajeJaate hain wahan , kuch accha padhte hai . Hostel life new atmosphere new people.But no , 10.30 ki train pakad ni haina late hogaye toh. Office jaana hai who has the time to shiftme : Waise toh I don't have time to meet anybody. Par by chance koi mil gaya aur poochta hai ki What was the highlight of your day? . Pehle toh dus minute sochna padega , highlight ? day ? what? Phir niklega : Woh actually today I completed 6 months at office :). # little joysYA it is a little joyAage ke 2.5 years + extension dikh raha hai mujhe tohLag gayi hai life ki puch matIsliye khudko khush karne ke liye worst 6 months of my life ko celebrate kiya . ^ HIGHLIGHT !!Will you say something I'm ranting ?UdanKhatola:  hahahahah , I'm busy laughing :Pme : :|Raat ko ghar jaake all I do is sleep . Meri maa ko lagta hai paying guest hoon.       Tv kaisa dikhta hai aaj kal , I don't remember only ?PARTHIV PATEL , is playing in the cricket team . DO YOU KNOW ? I didn't SOCH !!!Koi CA kar raha hai aisa when I come to know na , and asks me for adviceAndar andar I sadistically laugh and go muahahah tu bhi kar suffer . Ok Bas bye :P

PS : Sorry for the language if it offended anyone. This is frustration meets PMS at best , so adjust please :P PPS : My dear UdanKhatola is a very dear friend. My best friend since the past 18 years ( *wink* at udankhatola) . Yeah 18 years , thats like almost all my life . Yeah , we are awesome we know. She is new to blogger . Lets welcome her :) at Chai, Crayons, Cupcakes and all that.. 


  1. I just couldn't stop laughing :D
    Sorry,I sympathize but. :)

    1. :P Sadists I tell you :P Thanks for sympathizing though :P

  2. Killer rant yaar! Laughed my ass off! Ekdum mast tareeke se bajaayi hai! Pyar ka punchnama waala scene yaad aa gaya! Superb! :D

    1. Hahahahah thanks :P Pyaar ka punchnama :P :P

  3. Bwhahahah absolutely LOVED every inch of this!!!

  4. happy six-month-a-versary =) to you too.
    my half year was relatively nicer :P

  5. Haha yeah I know :P Thanks Harshika :)

  6. Welcome to the real world baby!

    Hehehe....cute post.