Sunday, 5 February 2012

I made a friend :)

Its been less than a year on blogger for me and I have  read some amazing blogs and interacted with many bloggers through social media and otherwise , but for the first time I think I've made a friend =)
     My dear friend the Narcissist is quite well known in the blogosphere due to his publicity stunts and PR skills :P  .Anyway I'm supposed to say only nice things about him , because he did THIS to my blog . What this ? For the regulars you will know , for the people who are new he made my blog pretty :D. From scratch , he gave it like a total makeover and it looks so good now , that I'm actually amazed . He did this mainly because he couldn't tolerate my black template and asked me hundred times to change it .I personally loved how it looked then but he wouldn't give up. So the conversation went like this. 

(While discussing how to make my blog better )
Him : Change template , its mokkai  ( Mokkai is crappy in tamil slang . Yes I understand tamil now thanks to him )
Me : What is with you and my template?
Him : Make it light background , dark font. Its all important. 
       What's your loading time?
Me : How do I know my loading time :\ 
Him : Check this ( gave some link )
Me : 223 seconds :D
Him : It should not be more than 100 seconds. CHANGE TEMPLATE.
Me : No.
Him : Are you on Indiblogger?
Me : Yes
Me : Nooo
Him: I'm sleeping now , do what you want to . BEGIN by changing TEMPLATE.
Me : URGH ~! why don't you change how my blog looks . (At this point , I was hoping he would say " Yeah right , I'm going to sleep . BYE " )
Him: Yeah OK
Me : *facepalms*
( He did not sleep and spent 3 hours making my blog into pure awesomeness .You made my day :D )

   I was terrified about someone else tweaking my blog but he made my Jaw drop :D Literally , its looks so amazing now :). He also is a total control freak* and so he didn't let me make a peep or have any kind of say in what he was doing but he is still amazing. Thank you Thank you Thank you and I can't say it enough times Thank you Narcissist :D :D. 

* Me : Why are you deleting all my widgets. Aaaaaa
   Him : Tell me why do you need them.? Ask yourself do you need those fish. ?
   Me : They are so cute , you can also feed them . See :D
   Him : :| . Btw the way, the directories widget got deleted while I was trying to move it.
   Me : No problem, wait. ( Gives link for putting it back )
   Him : Ille , don't give me that I might have deleted it on purpose. ( ille is no )
   Me: O_o
   Him : Its USELESS . WE will not put it okay.
   Me : Hahaha :P , Ok.  
   ( And this happened over several things :P )

     My dear friend is a great blogger himself , if you haven't stalked him already shame on you . Do it now HERE . Some of my favourite posts on his blog are : The Crooked Tooth , The Medicine Hater , Travel Partner AND The Good , The Bad and The Cute :D

PS : I think my blog looks better than his now , if only I could write as well as him :)
PPS : This post is in PINK only to annoy The Narcissist :P

Thank You >:D<


  1. YOUR BLOG DOESNT LOOK BETTER THAN MINE :x Mine has more class in it. I would have done the same to your blog if you were not so bent on keeping it GIRLY :| :|

    1. :D I did this for you because you trusted me enough to give me your password in a time where women think a million times before they give a guy their phone number. :)

    2. yeah yeah , you toh won't accept it na . Sour grapes :P My blog is class apart .muhahaha
      Awwww :D :D Yeah , I don't troubleshoot i just share my password , no ? :P

  2. hehe.. I do stalk him for a long time and many of his previous posts have taught me some tamil too .. for example , poochie XD :D

    1. Hahah :P yeah poochie :D
      Thank you for reading Ananya :)

  3. He did a good job and you know what, it is always easier to read on a white background and not on black :) :)

    1. He is going to be very happy when he reads this :P

  4. He was certainly right on one thing "Adding unnecessary widgets & scripts to your blog is quite unnecessary." There's a script for determining the speed of your blog & it also tells which elements of your blog are slowing it down.

    It may not seem anything important but a laggy blog is really bad bad experience.

    Also, Your blog's looking good. :)

    1. Oh my god you talk just like him :P He said the exact same things :P

      He's going to give me the I told u so "grrr" when he reads this :P :D
      Thanks for dropping by Daniyal :)