Wednesday, 1 February 2012


I made a choice,
I raised my voice,
Hoping it will all work out ,
Hoping it will all turn out ,
Like how I planned and pictured it,
But life they say has its mysterious ways,
I'm just asking for some better days.

A hand to hold ,
A smile to share .
A little laughter here and there.
My faith in you is shaking.
My heart here on is breaking.
I see you walk out that door
I don't want this no more.

Yes , I want a perfect ending.
Let's just stop pretending .
Is this turning too sad ?
Is it looking too bad .
Let's just turn it around then.
Let's not frown from now on then ,
This is not the end of our story
This not how its meant to be
I know I'll smile again
I made a choice , which I'll stick by
Patiently wait and always try.