Monday, 27 February 2012

Come Home

You make excuses to not hold me in the night . You makes excuses to not talk to me while we eat. You say you are too busy and stressed at work . You say they send you on field too much. You say its too early for kids . You say you want to concentrate on your career. I don't remember the last time you said you loved me. I don't know why you don't kiss me anymore when you leave the house. I don't know why you don't leave those little love notes around for me to find these days. I don't know the last time we went out as a couple. Its because of her isn't it ?. I don't question, because I fear the answers. I don't face it because then you'll face it too. You don't love me anymore. Our little tea cup has a storm brewing in it. The chillness of it all kills me inside. But I'm hopeful that the flavour of my love is still alive in you somewhere. I'm holding the string of your promises. I'm hoping you'll change your mind. 
Come home baby , come home.

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