Thursday, 2 February 2012

Evolved Dreams :)

Okay so I'm on a clutter clearing mission these days . Literally and figuratively . There is no place for  my new stuff , so the old books and all have to go. *sigh*.
  Anywho the last time I cleaned I found this and this time , I found an old diary I had maintained , and OH MY GOD . I was lame , I am still but that diary is going to be burned down in such a way that even the ashes are  not found by anyone. :P Yeah , it has too many embarrassing things in it . Anyway the point of all this is , that I found a questionnaire I had answered in it . There were many things like my hobbies , my favorite books , my favorites music etc etc. Some answers have changed over time and some have not but what struck me most was the " What's your ambition? " question.
My answer was : I want to own a Landmark store :| ( yeah, see what I meant by lame :) )
       This made me realize how much I have grown and changed over the years , how much I have learnt , how much my dreams and aspirations have evolved :) Owning a massive bookstore was my ambition. Gee , just cause it has so many books in such an organised way ( Yeah I'm a geek that way ) , but now i have bigger dreams ,  bigger ambitions . I want to travel the world . I want to learn so many new things. I want to do well in a career which I finally settle into. I want to work hard and earn enough money to last me a lifetime , and while at it not forget there is a life beyond work. I want to have a beautiful family one day. I want to have two pretty babies. I want to give back to my parents in some way possible for all the love and support they have given me and will be giving me always. I want to write a book one day. I want to be written about one day. I want to help for a social cause in a big way . I want to own a pet one day and love it more than my life. And finally maybe I want to be significant enough that I may inaugurate a Landmark store  if not own it ;) To widened horizons and bigger dreams . Cheers *ting*

Ps: This post is a part of Kanika's Fantabulous February - Blog everyday month :D I love her blog :D Go see it here NOW !!!!


  1. Haha! My diary discovery was more traumatic.. my sister and my ex close friend conspired, dug into my room, found it, read it, made fun of me.
    Now my sister is 1500 km away and that close friend is an ex-close friend. Karma is a bitch, ;)
    Love the cartoon, great work with your blog!

  2. Hahah :P awwww ! I'm more convinced now about how badly my diary needs to be burnt :P
    Thankyou for reading and Welcome to my blog :D

  3. Gee, even I had an embarrassing diary....
    But you shouldn't have burned it down....Maybe you would want to read how much of a kid you were when you were older. :)
    Cheers on evolving.!

    1. I tend to exaggerate :P . I haven't obviously burnt , its been safely tucked away :D Thanks for commenting :D

  4. Let all your dreams come true.Amen!!!!:-)