Saturday, 11 February 2012

You came along , just like a song.

Love is old
 Love is new. Love is all 
 Love is you
                      - The Beatles 

Love is the way you love me.
Love is the way you say my name.
Love is the way we dance
And the way I laugh at your jokes so lame.
Love is the way you talk to me so soft and slow .
Love is the way you make me smile when I'm low.
Love is the way you take pictures of me and the way you make me pose.
Love is the way you hold me tight and way you hold my chin.
Love is the way you laugh so loud,
And the way you grin.
Love is the way you open doors and the way you pull a chair.
Love is the way you touch me and the way you mess my hair.
Love is the way you kiss me and hold me in your arms so tight.
Love is the way you snap at me and the way we fight.
Love is the way you lean on me and the way I watch you sleep.
Love is the way you jump when you hear your cellphone beep.
Love is the way you feed me your icecream once mine is done.
Love is the way you say I'm your only one.
Love is the way you act jealous of every passing guy.
Love is the way you promise you'll love me till I die.
Love is the way you sing to me every night
And the way you say you miss me when I'm out of sight.
Love is ..well love is all this and more .
You brought back the love I used to have in me before. 

This post is a part of Kanika's Fantabulous February - Blog everyday month :D I love her blog :D Go see it here NOW !!!! Try and join us =)


  1. love is the way she makes me miss her!

  2. Omg!!!!! I looooove this:)<3 did u write it?? U are a poetess too:) awww!! I love this month of love. Does sumthing magical to u!:) happy february!

    1. Thank you Aakriti :D Ofcourse I wrote it :\ Yes february is awesome :D :D

  3. I see you went old school with this one and it was such a refreshing read from all the negativity and modernist poetry around me!Not that I'm tired of darkness,that's the only way I know how to be but a few fresh feel good writings like yours are important to balance my life.

    1. Thank you Soumi for your ever generous comments :D I'm glad my posts bring a little positive balance in your life :D :D :D

  4. This is SUPERB! I totally loved the entire post ~ the poem is one that makes you want to read it many times! Lovely work :-)

  5. read and heard so much about love i tend to believe no one can properly ever define it !:P

    1. Love is subjective ;)
      Thank you for reading Raj :)

  6. in short love is everything :P love is the way you make me is the way you make me is the way you make me fail... :)

    1. eeep I like this line :D Thank you Muhammad :D

  7. Dear person,

    It would be really nice if you helped me get those little 'reaction' buttons and tweet updates on my blog? :)Ive been trying to for some time but i'm guessing its cause i have the old version..

    1. in your blogger Dashboard, click on Layout... then click on Blogpost edit and there you will see Reactions...tick the box and then save...

    2. for twitter updates, again go to Layout and click on Add a Gadget... then click on Featured...and you will see different gadgets..choose Twitter Save... thats it :) hope this help..

    3. since the question was directed towards person so i took it as a general one which anybody is allowed to answer..if it was for some specific person then i am sorry...

    4. hahahahaha thank you muhammad for explaining to this lemonade girl here :P , but i guess she was talking to me . Nevertheless thank you :P

  8. Greeting my poetess :D
    Are you in love ?
    If you say no, I promise not to believe it :):)
    Its a beautiful piece of art :)

    1. hahaha I know you are not going to believe it , but no . *sigh*
      People who have known love can write this at any time :D :D :P
      Thank you :D