Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Drama Hai Rama !!!

Would it be wrong to say I miss you ?
I miss how you woke me up everyday , you always had so much to say.
I miss the way you called out , to draw my attention .
I miss the way your face would light up every time I looked at you.
I miss all your expressions of love , anger and fun.
I miss the way you shined even under the sun.
I miss the way you brought music to my ears.
I miss how my friends were your friends too and how you kept us together.
I miss how well you dressed .
I miss the noises you made when I pushed your buttons
I miss how you could make the perfect small talk
I miss how you never broke even after I physically assaulted you.
I miss how proud I was to have you.
I miss you my Blackberry :'(

Don't laugh at me okay. I get attached to my gadgets :( I'm having withdrawal symptoms . I miss my blackberry , Android phones have its set of pros but then my Blackberry was like my baby .

But you know what my new phone did to me . :D It got Radio back in my life .The soulful hindi music that felt so distant is back . I truly missed the FM radio when I had a BB . ( Yeah , I'm always wanting the other side of the grass :p ) .

I am a typical 90's kid and FM Radio was a very important part of my life in my childhood years, I always felt it was like someone was talking to me all the time . The radio was like a person :D This could be due to the single child syndrome :P but still , I felt pure joy when I heard those old songs playing :) Hindi music had a soul back then , lyrics meant much more than just noise and rubbish playing to some tune. I agree there are a few good songs even now , but nothing beats the 80's and 90's in the music they brought for us .
  The happiness one feels when you listen to them  is magnified when you hear it on the radio , trust me on that . The radio jockey may add a little anecdote attached with the song or some fact about the singer , or just share a personal experience and there you are taken back in time , with a big smile on your face.
  Lage Raho Munnabhai changed the image of radio jockeys in the mindset of Indians . Let me tell you they are really cool people , to be able to connect with someone just through their voice is something that takes a lot of talent . After the movie radio was patronized by more than just cabbies and watchmen . If you said you wanted to be a radio jockey people no more stared at you , instead they said " Gooood morning Mumbai , that's what you want to do ? " . :P
 I actually have my favorite radio jockeys too :D  I'm a total sucker for someone with a good voice , I may not like you or your face but if you have that magical voice , I'll just melt *dreamy* You may argue that there is less music and more jabber jabber on the radio , but I kinda like the jabber jabber too , especially the Mumbai channels are brilliant cause it connects me to the Mumbai spirit in a little way. It brings back old memories with the beautiful songs , songs which were born before me but still resonate in the ears of millions . The radio jockeys also try and give you traffic updates and  daily Mumbaiya gossip , they are cool that way . I don't have a favorite channel as such , wherever I hear a beautiful voice , I'm hooked .

If you have never heard the radio ( not in the car for like 5 mins , i mean like properly heard it along with the jabber jabber ) , you should go kill yourself . If you aren't as homicidal , you should just start listening to it now and feel the awesomeness it is :D

PS : Never . I repeat . Never try to find out what a radio jockey looks like , NEVER . It will be so disappointing and heart breaking , that you will have trust issues for the rest of your life and won't be able to look at yourself in the mirror for days . Their faces never match their voice . *sigh*


  1. I was smiling throughout the post :) :)
    I have never owned a BB but my husband loves it so i know what it means to say bye to the BB and as far as FM is concerned, well it rocks and know what, I am glad that we get so many Indian music channels here in UAE :) :)

    1. hehehe , Thank you Purvi :D :D
      Yeah ? Its great that you have indian channels in UAE also :D. Hindi music has soul . period :D

  2. So it was BB that you were missing...good fun.
    Regarding FM, I also feel that it is someone who is talking to you.