Monday, 2 January 2012

Some Story - Part 2

For those who dont know this is a continuation of something i wrote earlier here

Baby i'd love you to want me 
The way that i want you , the way that it should be
Baby , you'd love me to want you
The way that i want to if you'd only let it be   

 " Arush beta this is the 100th time your playing this song can you put it off now ? " Should i make you pakodas? " rambled his mom. 
" No thanks maa . "
" You haven't eaten well since days what's wrong with you ? " 
" Nothing maaaa . Stop asking the answer won't change everytime you ask . "
"Fine." . His mom had now stormed out of the room and the song filled the room again , their song.

Now it took time for me to know 
What you tried so not to show 
Something in my soul just cried 
       I see the warmth in your blue eyes  

Arush had been avoiding his friends for days now . Since the night on the terrace he drank alone every night in his building . His parents had started to worry. They had started asking questions like what now? College was over it was time for him to look for a job or decide about further studies and whatever he wanted to do with life and they wanted the answers NOW. 
He didn't know what he wanted . He wanted her. He tried hard each day to forget her ,  he told himself everyday  " She's getting married now , she broke up with you over TEXT , she didn't love you enough , she called you just to make you feel miserable , she hates you .. I LOVE HER " and that's how each drinking session began. 

Sometime last year 

Arush and Poo were trying to study. Poo was resting her head on his knee and reading Guide to Licensing and Agreements like it was a fashion magazine. She had always enjoyed studying law . It was her thing she said , she was a star at arguing and making a point . Poo suddenly turned to Arush and said " Arush what if we break up what will you do then ? " " Find another girlfriend i guess " he teased . Poo punched him with mock anger. 
" No seriously tell me , no ? What will you do ?"
" I'll stand outside your window everyday till you come back to me. "
" Well that would just be stalkish " she said and smiled her beautiful smile. Arush knew she was pleased. Girls ! He thought to himself , they always need some kind of assurance all the time that they are loved. A constant need to ask questions and mind you the answers have to be what they want to hear or else it will lead to a " So you mean if ... " hypothetically stupid argument. 


He missed her even more so now that she was going to be someone else's forever. He wanted to meet her one last time and tell her he loved her even if rejection would be all he would get. He had heard all about selfless love and all that maybe now it was time to feel it himself.

Arush picked up the phone and dialed her number with a teenager like enthusiasm . Just the thought that he would get to see her again made him extremely happy. He was smiling again.
The phone rang for a good 30 seconds after which it was finally answered by a girl with a young voice she yelled into the phone for some reason " Didi nahne gai hai baadmain phone karo " *click*
Arush assumed it was just her way of avoiding him again he was just about to start playing " I'd love you to want me " when the phone rang. It was her. "Hello ? " 
" Hey Arush , you called sorry that was my maid "
" Oh yeah right , the maid . " He smiled to himself at the memory of when the same maid had caught them kissing in her house once . She had to be cajoled and convinced not to tell anyone .
"So tell me ? "
She seemed so normal he thought like it wasn't affecting her . " Well aren't we friends Poo ? "
" Umm ofcourse we are , why ? " 
" Well then I'd like to meet you and congratulate you for the engagement and all " 
"Sure" poo chimed .
" Really ? " 
"Yeah , why not . Tomorrow Jogger's Park , 6 pm sharp. Don't be late " 
"Ok" he said .

to be continued....


  1. LOL this reminds me of my love affair in 10th grade :D :D

    When you write a chain of posts, I think you should write it all and post it in a few hours gap. :) It is just a suggestion :)

  2. That's a beautiful story...Nicely written..

    BTW, Tell me your dreams is a wonderful novel...:)

  3. @ The narcissist - thankyou :D Put a smile on your face na ? I'm glad =)
    Ps : That's a good suggestion but the thing is I haven't written the rest yet :P

    @Saru - Thankyou :D I'm almost at the end of the book , i kinda thought it was a little predictable . Anywho thanks for commenting =)