Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Lots of Love :D

Since the 21st day of June , 2011 not a day has gone by when i haven't logged into blogger and read atleast one post on someone else's blog. I don't think I'm very good at what I write but I know I improve a little with every post , but there are so many blogs out there which are just brilliant and I personally think all of them should be writers . They inspire me and when one of them follows me or leaves a comment on my blog I have big grin on my face :D
 So I'm going to give out some love , no its not an award its just some love ..I don't think I'm good enough to give out any awards 
Ps: This is going to be one long post 
Pps : It's in no particular order.

1 . The View from 5'2"
    This is one of the first blogs that i followed . Nitisha is one smart cookie . The love of words and impeccable English makes her blog a delight and also a learning experience , because of her now I know that "happify" is a word. :P :D . If she is reading this now I'm very sure she's correcting my grammar mentally ( total grammar nazi ) *feels conscious* i love her blog cause short girls have opinions and they matter .

2. Coconut Chutney
  Anyone whose been on blogger for a while has read her blog . Her posts make me smile , laugh and actually make my day better in a little way . The fact that she also is a CA in the making and her stories about the experience of getting there are so easy to relate with. Her number of followers will tell you how awesome she is :D Chennai ki Chutney with a beautiful name , Lavanya

3.Chaai, Paani , Etc
  I love this blog simply because each time I read it , it feels like I have written it . I don't know how it happens each time , but its simply my life put into better words than I could ever have. Reading your blog makes me happy Isha :D

4. Autobiography of an ordinary man
This is one intelligent blog. Someone's whose posts I hope to find every time I log in . Narendra and Sheela Shenoy are an awesome couple and this is their jointly maintained blog. Their everyday anecdotes are hilarious . This is also one of the very old blogs I'm following for sometime now.

5. Little Moments of Bliss
This blog is beautiful . You feel all calmed down when you read her blog . Serendipity is a typical Virgo with a zeal for life and a fabulous hold on words. Your blog makes me smile =)

6. Red Handed
 Another crazy Virgo. Her blog is hilarious and crazy. She recommends you not to read her blog but trust me you have to . Her opinions are strong and she is one naughty girl that hates santa :P Plus all the red on the blog - I love :D

7.Sensitive Chaos
   This is one beautiful blog :D and also a beautiful blogger :). She makes you laugh , cry and giggle with her posts and also gives out lots of pyaar at the end of each post :D Blogger from Bangalore, Kanika blogs about life :D.

 I love this blog because her photos are awesomeness :D and so is her content . Her header makes me so jealous :o and  her posts make me happy :D and the love of books , big bang theory and pictures pictures and more pictures makes us so similar =) Go read her noww !!

9. Chattering of a Drunk Butterfly
    This is one crazy lady :P One of my first followers all the way from Karachi :o Ezazi I love your blog name and all the color on it :D Its a happy blog :D Go see her blog is soo cool :D

10. My thoughts, My blog
     I like his blog because its hilarious . A scientist in the making xyzandme , thank you for the insight into a virgin male's mind :P He is someone whose posts make you go What the 'fhaak' :P He has a chart ,diagram or some sort of representation for all his wierd hypothesis' :P You have to see his blog to understand what I'm saying :\ :P

11.18 Downing Street
   He needs to be here because he's just too cute :D and he loves quotes like I do :D He also writes awesome poetry once in a while :D Ovais i heart your blog :D

12. Teenage Mutiny
      Hamza is just the cutest :D 17 year old blogger from Karachi . He writes long posts which I love and he also runs a mutant army :P A die hard harry potter fanatic * same pinch* . Again,  one of the first few blogs i followed . Hamza you are awesome :D 

13. Woman and a quarter
    I love Judy . A single mom and fabulous blogger. She is also a published writer now :D I reviewed her book here. Her dreamy posts about "The One" make you go awww =) She inspires me to put it simply and she's also very beautiful :D Go stalk her NOW !

Okay I'm done . Yes at 13 , because I don't think 13 is an unlucky number =)

Lots of love from me to you >:D<

Also I have mentioned only a few of the blogs I read , there are many more talented people out there just that I got lazy . My apologies , some other time :)


  1. hey....nice....no.13 is always lucky for me.

  2. I'm touched. Beyond words :)
    Thank You sweetheart :)

  3. That was just soooooooooooooooo sweeet of you...actually very generous! THANKYOU!
    And 13 is definitely not an unlucky number :)

  4. OH. My god.
    You, just made my day. No kidding. I had NO idea you read my crazy little blog, and to think you'd honor it by actually considering it worthy to mention it just overwhelms me. Thank you, a very sincere BIG Thank You!

    It's such a waste that I never stumbled into your blog, but it's never too late. There y'go, you have a new follower, a very humbled one. Thank you,you honestly made my day :')

    Much much love,

  5. Thaaaaaank you thank you thank you :)

    Now I'M the one with the big grin!

    Bohot pyaar <3

  6. Aww, thank YOU, Nirali! This means a lot, really. :) I heart you, and your blog. I'll let you in on a secret: Sometimes I wish I had that creative/epic a blog name as yours. Really, it's that cool. Thanks again. Lots of love. <3

  7. @ seema - Thankyou =)

    @ Serendipity - You are more than just welcome :D Thank you for following back =)

    @ Red Handed - Welcome :D

    @ Nil - hahaha :P welcome to my blog :D Much love =)

    @ Kanika - :D Welcome !

    @ Ezazi - Thankyou , you really like it ? I'm glad :D You are most welcome . I heart you and your blog too :D

  8. Gee you started blogging about the same time as I did. Hi5 sister :D

    1. Hahahah :P *hi5*
      You should be making it to this list too :D

    2. No I am too awesome to be listed with other people :P I deserve a separate list :P Bwahahaha :D