Friday, 20 January 2012

My cute friend !

This may not seem funny to my readers but I know this guy so well and that's why I know exactly the sentiment and stupidity he must have written this with and hence it's hilarious :P . His poems are gems , really and his diary is worth publishing  *sense the sarcasm* ! Enjoy :P


The morning is bright,
I'm in mood for some sprite.

Wait, my teeth need to be brushed,
The commode needs to be flushed.

Im late for my school,
Morning school is so uncool.

I load my self with some cash
And out of the door I dash.

I enter into the lift,
Go down swift swift.

THEN it strikes me today,
I have a fucking holiday!

Today is not project submission,
It's Ganpati Bappa's emersion!

I re-enter the lift,
Go Up swift swift.

I remove my sad school dress,
Get into my cozy night dress.

I know the morning is bright
But who cares, for me its Good Night !

  By Abhishek Bijlani  
  Age : 14 years
  Based on a true story :P

Ps: He isn't 14 now and has turned from cute to plain annoying :P You can also know more about him from this website he made when he was 13 :P 


  1. The guy who wrote this is bloody brilliant. This is not Sarcasm :D I guess all people who have my name are like that :P

    1. Oh god :P everything ends in how amazing you are don't it :P
      Shall pass the msg to your name twin ;)

  2. gahahahaahahha! Isnt he just brilliant! My brother cannot write so well. He is now 14!! :D
    This was epic!! gahahahaha
    Flush the commode...

  3. The BluBluBling knows all the right people :D

    Pretty rhyme!

    Blasphemous Aesthete