Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ode to Happiness (:

Yesterday my college had this big board which they set up and everyone was asked to write something that makes them happy and stick it there :D Just the concept made me smile so much . We are all chasing happiness aren't we . Everyone wants to be happy . The minute you start questioning your happiness you cease to be so.
     Happiness is the little things =) I made a list of the little things that make me happy here once. The most amazing part was that most people wrote the names of people on their chits. Like these people make me happy. Whatever happened to happiness is internally driven. Why should someone else be a reason for your happiness. People make me happy too , sure but if i had to put down one small thing I wouldn't name a person.

See it looks sooo nice :D >_< 

I love you ,  but I love myself more <3

This line by Samantha ( Sex and the city - google it man , which planet do you live on :P ) always made me smile and think , hell yeah why not . Why should anyone be more important than me in my life ? A funda we ignore most times in our lives. The minute you start putting yourself and your needs over someone else's you are termed selfish . Why? 
       Why should i not be selfish? Its my life and unfortunately or fortunately I have just one . But right in the middle of an ordinary life a love story takes you by storm , bringing with it that one person for whom you want to be selfless ..that one person who will come to mean more to you than yourself. Then you are taken over by the feeling of love , of joy , of just eternal happiness that you feel around this person . Love is one special feeling yes, but watch out who it is you're giving this position in your life to. Is this person a keeper or is it just a mask, waiting to fall apart . Don't assume that what happens to other people won't happen to you. Don't be in the illusion and say " Its US " cause when its over " We" becomes "I" and "Us" becomes " You and me " .
    On a personal note I'm exhausted of being a giver in every relationship I encounter..even a purely platonic friendship I'm just the eternal giver..and then I have to hear don't expect..I don't ..I try not to . I'm a giving person by choice and I like to put a smile on your face so I take the effort. But now i'm sick of it and no its nobody's fault. And as selfish as this is going to sound i'm done being the giver ..I want to be the taker now . I want someone to be on their toes for me . I want someone to take the effort of making me happy for once. I want to put my feet up and say this is what I want and have it produced in front of me just because someone wants to make me smile.
  Selfish ? Screaming for attention ? Yes. Guilty ? Not one bit . I'm living my life my way now . I'm living it a little more now ..each day ..everyday. I'm not even close to perfect and this whole note seems totally condescending but this is what i feel. So to the new me whose a little self centred and selfish than before . To the grey tones . Cheers =) 
This is mine :D Watching the sun set and sitting on the beach lazily makes me happy :D This is the first thing that came to my mind so there :D

Wasn't this an ode to happiness how did the conversation turn around to THAT ^ :P Some mind chow that was :P

Ps : Anyone who was expecting a real poem "ode" :P I can rhyme cat with mat and thats about it . Its a paragraphical ode O_o if there is such a thing :\ bye now :|


  1. I feel cheated X-( I was expecting an ode and what did I get, an O_o But I did love your post :)
    I agree, every once in a while one needs to feel special and to be taken care of. and I wish that you will meet someone who does that for you sooner than later :)

  2. Is ur name Nirali?? Wow...I so loved this post!! Way to go girl!!:):) U knw Blogger friends can be too giving too?? So yeah, if u want some love, shove, rhyme, shyme, I'm there;) ( just don't judge and all, I dunno if u've made any good bloggy friends, this place is too much fun)
    I love ur spirit! ofcourse, self comes before someone else. And sometimes I wonder how selfless some ppl become, coz I really feel, these days it's 'ME' before 'You' unless the person is really imp! As goes for love, I find it hard for girls to stick on to humiliating rships, but as they say 'Love is blind'. Anyway. I'll stop:P

  3. Yes it is , but these days I call myself Blublubling :P
    I don't really have blogger "friends" as such but thanks nice to know you are so giving :P :)
    Sometimes being a walk over doesn't make you a doormat, sometime it really is love and you really are trying not to give up on something / someone , never judge :)