Monday, 23 January 2012

Friendship is all about relativity !

I'm going to give out some Gyaan today. I have recently come to realize that friendship is all about relativity . You can also say its based on preferential relativity . We all know people need people and we all need to have people around us to bare and actually understand our idiosyncratic nonsense . So how do we pick these people that will come to bare our nonsense is the topic of discussion.
  No , its not mutual likes and same opinions , no its not based on any hormonal imbalances in our system ( ok maybe a little that ) , no its not same environment and no its definitely not destiny my amigos , Its Wait for it ..RELATIVITY. In relation to the other people around and the large amount of lameness they possess you pick the person with the least lameness and then find mutual likes , interests , hormonal tendencies etc and call it friendship . True Story . 

   I have a theory . Out of every 100 people I meet . I instantly like 20 , out of them I continue to like 5 even after 2 hours. Out of those 5 I think 3 are not lame and are interesting , hold my attention , don't bore me , are funny and I can have a good time with . So if I take the sample of my Facebook friendlist which is loosely a list of all the interactions and people I could refer to as "friends"  and contains 597 people I can safely say I have 17 people that I like enough to continue remaining friends with and I trust , get along with , and find more than just tolerable.
    Now out of these 17 people 1 moved to Canada when I was 12 , 2 - I have completely lost touch with , 5 are not that close and 2 are studying in London . So I can safely say I have 7 awesome people in my life ..who I love and are there for me always and in all probability will be there forever since replacing any of them would be a next to impossible and not to mention TEDIOUS process. Additions to same are welcome but my screening process says a lot about my pickyness and condescending attitude :P So when that special retard comes along who actually fits with you like a jigsaw puzzle , someone you can discuss anything and everything with , don't let that one go :D

PS : Its really hard to be friends with me :P but there are a still a few amazing people who manage to do it #LikeABoss ;)


  1. :) Interesting :P Relation Analysis is largely untouched thought

    1. Isn't it :P , people are just emotional fools :P ( people includes me )

  2. Never thought of it like this.... interesting and it is giving me an idea of a post relating to my MBA journey :) :) hope you are ok with it :) :)

  3. Hola!! Blu blu Bling!! :):) Thank u for dropping by at Yarn of Words. and I totally love ur 'ebt me' description. Makes me feel a lot like u!!:):)
    Hmm...nice one. I like ur chilled out style of writing, well in fact I wrote sumthing on the same lines, but called it 'subliminal connectivity; ( if u at all wish to read in ur vella time, here's the link:

    PS: No, I'm not publicising, simply sharing
    PPS: CA??:o Hai Bhagwaan, hats off to you guys, who make their heavenly homes into jails and have classes sati savere to late night:P

    1. Hola :D Thank you for dropping by too :) . i read your link , only difference being your post makes more sense than my banter :P

      haha yeah CA :D .Though now my long hours of class days are over , since I passed my inter exams , I have articleship all day :P . So yeah , i'd rather be in class :p